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Connected Outdoors

Connected Outdoors ALWAYS KEEP EXPLORING. page 43 page 6 page 31 Embrace your next adventure with our Connected Outdoors trend. Whether you are hiking a rugged trail or walking the city streets, these peak to pavement products will take you there in style. You’ll find smart, everyday designs inspired by the great outdoors, motivating you to get outside with products designed to perform. 4

GLOBAL COMMUNITY UNITED IN STYLE. page 9 page 23 page 40 Today, technology unifies us all. A local pattern can become global overnight, bringing us new graphics that connect us in surprising ways. With unique patterns borrowed from around the world, our Global Community trend inspired products spark an entirely new outlook. These products merge the best of our ancestry with today’s modern aesthetic, for a one of a kind pop of pattern, designed to bring you a whole new world of style. VISIT GEMLINE.CA TODAY FOR ALL PRODUCT, DECORATION AND SERVICE INFORMATION. 5

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