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PACKABLES Always Ready

PACKABLES Always Ready for Your Next Adventure. Carry it your way this year with our new line of packable, portable bags. Sleek and spacious, these strong but lightweight totes, duffels and backpacks are totally compact and easy enough to take you anywhere you need to go. Vertex Fusion Packable Backpack 5315 page 22 Everyday Packaway Tote 1736 see 50

COLLECTION Vertex Fusion Packable Duffel 4258 page 44 American Tourister Voyager Packable Tote 96040 page 11 Express Packable Backpack 5285 see Everyday Packaway Duffel 4301 page 42 VISIT GEMLINE.CA TODAY FOR ALL PRODUCT, DECORATION AND SERVICE INFORMATION. 51

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