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Simplified Sourcing

Single layer knit scarf

Single layer knit scarf LEAD TIME Production Time: 20 to 25 working days ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Single layer knit jacquard scarf Colors: Over 200 stock threads, PMS matching available >2.5k pairs SHIPPING INFO Packaging: Bulk setup: C$62.50V item number 500 1000 2500 SCARF-1LAYER C$12.98 C$12.80 C$12.45 (5R) Full color Jersey Scarf IMPRINT 48” w x 7” h on front. Sublimation. LEAD TIME Production Time: 15 to 18 working days INCLUDEAD IN PRICE Price includes full color, 2 sides ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The front of the scarf is jersey polyester, while the back of the scarf is a warm fleece layer. 50” L x 8” W SHIPPING INFO Packaging: 1 per opp bag; Units/Ctn: 100; Weight/Ctn: 30 lbs.; Dimensions: 14” x 17” x 16” setup: C$60V item number 250 500 750 1000 STADSCRF-JFFC C$13.35 C$13.27 C$13.19 C$13.10 (4R) 12

Scan the QR code to check out more product videos and interactive 360o’s. tubedanas IMPRINT TUBEDANA-FC: 19” w x 9” h on full bleed background. Second imprint option: 19” w x 9” h on full bleed background. Sublimation. Full Color Tubular Bandana (TUBEDANA-FC) Spot Color Tubular Bandana (TUBEDANA-SC) TUBEDANAS LEAD TIME Production Time: 10 to 12 working days WINTERDANA: Approx. 20 working days BANDANNA-68: 20 to 25 working days INCLUDEAD IN PRICE TUBEDANA-FC / WINTERDANA: full color, 2 sides TUBEDANA-SC: 1 color, 2 sides 68cm Square Bandana (BANDANNA-68) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TUBEDANA-FC: This 20”x10” polyester tubular bandanna/sports headband is multi-functional. TUBEDANA-HALF: This 10”x10” half size polyester tubular bandana/sports headband is multi-functional. TUBEDANA-SC: 19” w x 9” h on full bleed background. Second imprint option: 19” w x 9” h on full bleed background. Sublimation. HEADBAND-9X12: 9”x12” Custom printed yoga headband WINTERDANA: 10” l x 20” w on front. Second imprint option: 10” l x 20” w on back. Sublimation. SHIPPING INFO TUBEDANA-FC / TUBEDANA-SC: Packaging - 1 per opp bag; Units/Ctn: 500; Weight/Ctn: 45 lbs.; Dimensions: 23” x 14” x 12” TUBEDANA-HALF / HEADBAND-9X12 / BANDANNA-68: Packaging - Bulk WINTERDANA: Packaging - 1 per opp bag; Units/Ctn: 300; Weight/Ctn: 34 lbs.; Dimensions: 20” x 16” x 12” Full Color Half Size Tubular Bandana (TUBEDANA-HALF) Custom Yoga Headband (HEADBAND-9X12) item number 100 250 500 750 1000 item number 500 750 1000 2500 Winterdana (WINTERDANA) TUBEDANA-FC C$5.10 C$4.93 C$4.76 C$4.60 C$4.43 (5R) TUBEDANA-HALF C$4.68 C$4.42 C$4.23 -- C$3.77 (4R) item number 1000 1500 2500 5000 setup: C$50V TUBEDANA-SC - C$2.95 C$2.79 C$2.62 (3R) setup: C$50V WINTERDANA C$10.25 C$9.92 C$9.58 C$9.25 (4R) setup: C$50V 13

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