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Header Resources CONTACT US AT: | @WebDesignerMag webkit Discover the must-try resources that will make your site a better place Devices.css Keen to render the very latest smartphones and devices in nothing but CSS? Well if so, Devices.css is a Github listed collection of gorgeously realised new iPhones, Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxy handsets and more. As a lightweight testament to what inventive HTML and minified stylesheets can achieve it’s worth a look. Bulma Tipped for broad adoption in 2018, Bulma is an open source, mobile-first CSS framework based on Flexbox that promises to be simple to learn and use. A-Frame A-Frame is a library for creating WebVR experiences from HTML-based worlds, producing a 3D perspective from two screens at multiple angles. mark.js Usable as a jQuery or pure JS plugin, mark.js is a flexible keyword highlighter for dynamically marking search terms within paragraphs of page text. TOP 5 WordPress themes for February 2018 Shortcut your way to blogging brilliance with a handful of the hottest new themes Travelmatic Get Google Maps integration for plotting stop-off landmarks. This theme is ideal for a journey with photos and stories. Susastho Susatho offers an elegant and clean design perfect for marketing yoga, health and gym services. Halena Want to add a touch of sophistication to your eCommerce? Halena offers minimal & modern in abundance Esquise Big, bold and beautiful. This magazine theme will ensure that your content stands out and will get seen. Ambesten MarketPlace Ambesten is a flexible WooCommerce theme ideal for responsive shop fronts. 12 _____________________________________________ resources

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