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ANGELIC A RP AN S ANGELIC AIRPLANES WHEN SILICON VALLEY INVESTOR INCULERATE DEMAND A DISTINCTIVENEW WEBSITE, THEY OPTED FOR THE IMAGINATION OF RUSSIAN AGENCY RED COLLAR TO DELIVER AN IDEA FIT FOR GIVING ‘ANGEL’ ITS WINGS 26 __________________________________________design diary by RED COLLAR @redcollars It’s fair to say the modern internet experience is dominated by a clutch of incredibly successful companies. Each has cleverly found a highly profitable niche within the online world to become clear leaders in areas of search, social media, eCommerce, video and more. These enduring brands, which we need not mention, very often rose out of the dotcom bubble in the late “BELIEVING THAT “CREATION STARTS WITH AN IDEA,” INCULERATE PRIDE THEMSELVES IN HELPING EXCITING STARTUPS TO GROW AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE” 1990s and swerved being burst on the rise to the top. They outlasted the tidal wave of lesser competitors by seeing the future and evolving accordingly to conquer rapidly shifting territories. However, none of them did it without cost, and an equally important driver to success is always money, inspiring those with big chequebooks to take a gamble. The website we’re featuring this month relates directly to this, built to market a business that flashes the cash to fund the operations of fledging firms. An angel investment company based in Silicon Valley, California, Inculerate play a pivotal role in supporting promising new business ventures. Believing that “creation starts with an idea,” Inculerate pride themselves in helping exciting startups to grow as quickly as possible, furthering innovation and hopefully in turn making people’s life better. “They came to our agency with a request to create an impressive website that would reflect their principles and ideology,” begins the guys at commissioned agency Red Collar. “The main basic concept agreed quickly around this time was the paper airplane, deciding between us that the take-off theme probably reflects an investment company such as Inculerate the best.” If the colour of said collar seems familiar, it’s because we profiled the Russian agency’s equally imaginative web work for car paint manufacturer Auto Repair Materials, back in issue 259. Thankfully PROJECT STATS PROJECT DURATION 2month P E OPLE INVOLVED 5 P E OPLE Creative Director Denis Lomov Producer Mikhail Serkov Designer Daria Lomova Junior Designer Anna Efremova Front-end Developer Anton Ustinov design diary _________________________________________27

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