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Get your listing in our directory To advertise here contact Chris +44 (0)1225 687832 COURSE LISTINGS About us Northcoders is the coding bootcamp for the north, based in the heart of Manchesterandbuiltuponnorthern values of grit, determination and community spirit. No matter what your background, you can fast-track your career and become a web or software developer in 12 weeks at their Featured: Northcoders Twitter:@northcoders Facebook: Northcoders full-time bootcamp, or fit their course around your life with their 24-week part-time bootcamp. Their internal career support team will help find you work as a developer, setting up interviews with your choices of Northcoders Hiring Partners across the north of England. “ No matter what your background, you can fasttrack your career and become a web or software developer in 12 weeks ”. What we offer Fast-track your career in just 12 weeks Fit our curriculum around your life in 24 weeks 5 tips from the pros The best way to know if coding is for youistojusttryit!We recommend the free, online JavaScript track of Codecademy to get you started with the basics. Make sure you read plenty of student reviews to make sure you’re applying somewhere reputable. Read their blog and have a look at their social channels. Once you’ve decided it’s right foryou,setasideafewevenings each week to really start making progress!Ifcodingisforyou, this should be fun. We’llbewithyoueverystepof the way when you apply. Make sure you go through all the materials we recommend and askforhelpifyou’restuck. With Northcoders, you’re not just on a course, you’re part of a community that will stay with you long after you graduate. Make the most of it! Becoming part of this vibrant, caring community was something I hadn’t expected before the course, but now I couldn’t be without it. To be a Northcoder is to be enlightened, inspired and supported. Joanne Imlay Primary school teacher to software developer at Careicon Northcoders delivered their part of the bargain in spades. They provided tremendous assistance in turning me into the full product – a well-rounded, capable future tech employee – and they have the contacts to deliver the opportunities for such people. Joe Mulvey Maths teacher to software developer at Auto Trader 94 _________________________________________________listings

Get your listing in our directory To advertise here contact Chris +44 (0)1225 687832 WE GOT CODERS UDEMY www. Twitter: @udemy Facebook: udemy The inspiration for Udemy began in a small village in Turkey, where founder Eren Bali grew up frustrated by the limitations of being taught in a one-room school house. Realising the potential of learning on the internet, he set out to make quality education more accessible. Udemy is now a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. Students can master new skills by choosing from an extensive library of over 40,000 courses including HTML, CSS, UX, JavaScript and web development. 40,000+ courses: There is a course for every designer and dev Self-paced learning: Learn how to code at your own pace THE IRON YARD www. Twitter: @TheIronYard Facebook: TheIronYard The Iron Yard is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing in-person code schools. It offers full-time and part-time programs in back-end engineering, front-end engineering, mobile engineering and design. The Iron Yard exists to create real, lasting change for people, their companies and communities through technology education. The in-person, immersive format of The Iron Yard’s 12-week courses helps people learn to code and be prepared with the skills needed to start a career as junior-level software developers. 12-week code school: Learn the latest skills from industry pros Free crash courses: One-night courses, the perfect way to learn We Got Coders is a consultancy that provides experts in agile web development, working with startups, agencies and government. Take one of their 12-week training courses that covers all that is required to become a web developer, with highly marketable full-stack web development skills. Classroom-based training Real-world work experience Employment opportunities FUTURELEARN Choose from hundreds of free online courses, from Language & Culture to Business & Management; Science & Technology to Health & Psychology. Learn from the experts. Meet educators from top universities who’ll share their experience through videos, articles, quizzes and discussions. Learn from experts Free courses All-device access GYMNASIUM Gymnasium offers free online courses designed to teach creative professionals in-demand skills. Courses are all self-paced and taught by experienced practitioners with a passion for sharing practical lessons from the design trenches. Gain real-world skills Get expert instruction Career opportunities listings __________________________________________________95

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