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My diary

Day 1: Today, the

Day 1: Today, the English teacher has taught us how to make a diary. I decided to make my own diary. I will start right from this moment. Dear diaries, today I will begin by telling you some of my secrets and daily activities. Today, you will not come to believe what will happen to me. On my way home, getting off the bus I slipped and fell. I started laughing and looking around to see someone not seen me, and then I got up. Of course I had some terrible pains, and looking at me beside me, I noticed that I was full of mud. After a few hours my parents came. I told them the whole thing, and they watched with amusement the whole thing.

Day 2: Well, I have already revealed a secret, now I will start by telling your story an activity unfolded with my family. Today we went to school where we learned new things. At the end of the school program, my parents decided to make me a surprise. They came together and took me from school to go to Ploiesti to buy me a first March gift and to watch a movie in the family. After the movie is over we decided to go to a restaurant to serve dinner. I mean, they made me enormous joy by spending time together. I would like to have more time together.

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