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My diary

Day 3: Today was a

Day 3: Today was a common day in my life, I went to school where I found my colleagues in the middle of a snowball game. Immediately I entered this game specific to this period. Caught by the charm of snow, a colleague was not careful and hit me with a bullet directly in front. I immediately got over and all my colleagues started to laugh. I did not mistress about my colleague because she did not want to hit me, just to play with me. I immediately jumped behind her, treading it in the snow, trying to somehow get her revenged. Because of our inattention, we did not realize that there was an incoming call, and when the lady came in the class and did not see anyone, she was very upset about us. I explained why I was not in the class, and after all, the dance understood us.

Day 4: We've already started to make friends, and it's good to have a diary. This is just me, my feelings and my feelings. Beautiful lives and episodes of my life lived with wonderful people, and through this introduction I'm going to tell you what happened to me today. First March started for me with a first joy coming from colleagues who waited at school with many sweets and marshmallows. This is a great pleasure. Surprises continue. After finishing the program I went to the popular dances I practice, there another pleasant surprise. My team colleagues waited with flowers and good wishes. They have created a well-acclaimed state.I was glad that this day I found out what wonderful people I am next to me.

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