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Day 5: Today, the Dance

Day 5: Today, the Dance Coach, asked for the presentation of all dancers in the rehearsal room, to meet with another ensemble from Alba Iulia. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how much they were all with us. Together we decided to show them the most beautiful tourist attractions in Targoviste. First I was at the Chindia Tower, where I had a tourist guide that outlined the most important events that happened there. After visiting Chindia Tower, we chose to go to Dealu Monastery, one of the oldest and most important monasteries, because there was the head of Michael the Brave. I was surprised to see how careful and surprised she was about what they saw there. After one of the nuns presented us how this church was formed we went to eat.

After leaving, we decided to stay in touch and check back as soon as possible. Day 6: And see that surprises continue. Today was a new chance to spend time with my mother who has a very busy schedule. Tomorrow is my fine day and together with my mother we decided to make a surprise. We have prepared a special room for his anniversary. I worked a lot with my mother preparing her drop and favorite cake. I have prepared the cadres that I am convinced will be very excited. His passions are cars and electronics, and it was also the ready-made gift. I was excited because my mother trusted me to ask for my help, and I could free my ideas and get closer to my mom.

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