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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508


FY14 APG PROGRESS UPDATE HUD’s Hurricane Sandy Task Force, in collaboration with their interagency partners, demonstrated noteworthy progress towards the completion of the majority of task force recommendations by October 2014. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will track the progress of the Hurricane Sandy Task Force in FY15 and beyond. Disaster Resilience objective leaders also created a new performance indicator for FY14, which will track implementation of HUD’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan recommended actions. Finally, HUD is committed to developing new metrics for evaluating the success of the National Disaster Resilience Competition, a nearly $1 billion competition to fund the implementation of innovative resilience projects to better prepare communities for future storms and other extreme events. MAJOR MILESTONES • Building Resilience Strategies into HUD Programs 12/31/2015 Develop metrics for evaluating success of National Disaster Resilience Competition. 12/31/2015 Competitively Award funds for National Disaster Resilience Competition. MEASURING OUR PROGRESS To track our progress towards this objective, HUD will track the following performance indicators. Further metrics are under development. Percent of Sandy Task Force recommendations related to disaster recovery and resilience that have been implemented 116 FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY14 Actual FY14 Target FY15 Target FY16 Target No Data No Data 117 72.5% 65.0% NA NA Percent of the HUD Climate Change Adaptation Plan actions completed FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY14 Actual FY14 Target FY15 Target FY16 Target No Data No Data 118 11% 10% 40% 60% 116 FEMA will be responsible for tracking the interagency progress of the Sandy Task Force recommendations beginning in FY 2015. 117 This performance indicator first reports in FY 2014. 118 ibid. 110 Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal Green and Healthy Homes

Strategic Objective: Community Development Strengthen communities’ economic health, resilience and access to opportunity. OVERVIEW If hard-working people who play by the rules are to get ahead, they need to be able to access quality education and decent jobs, from a foundation of security in basic needs like personal safety, housing and food. Creating such environments requires collaboration among organizations with different roles and specialties at the local level, and federal agencies that are able to provide cross-sector support. Neighborhood, municipal, and regional environments that can attract investment and also support children and families are the backbone of inclusive and resilient economic growth. Building on the community’s institutional, financial, human, and physical capital is vital to economic growth and bolsters resiliency in times of disaster or downturn. Local networks among the private sector, government, and community leaders can be particularly effective at creating lasting solutions. The federal role is to support and complement the private sector, civic institutions, states, and localities, not to supplant their efforts. An effective federal role is to catalyze private investment by addressing market failures, frictions, and gaps. HOME and CDBG, the two major formula grant programs that support housing, community and economic development, provide a strong foundation for these placed-based federal efforts. So does the targeted investment of technical assistance resources by HUD and other federal agencies. HUD participates in several interagency place-based initiatives that focus existing funding more effectively and create incentives for collaboration across organizational, jurisdictional, and sectoral lines. Such initiatives support communities in improving their growth potential and the quality of life and opportunities for their residents. Promise Zones Community Leaders Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal Green and Healthy Homes 111

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