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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

9/30/2015 Develop

9/30/2015 Develop Framework for Evaluation Activities and Outcome Data Gathering Develop a conceptual model of evaluation activities and responsibilities. Work with HHS/ USDA partners and Round I Promise Zones to develop a framework for gathering data on Promise Zone Outputs and Outcomes over the course of the 10-year designation, including data sharing commitments from HUD and lead organizations. Create and Test Community Development Marketplace Test value of sharing and analyzing Promise Zone application information for federal agencies to target technical assistance, foundations and investors to identify investment opportunities, communities to locate their peers, and researchers to identify potential study partners. Deepen engagements with communities and outside partners in 2016 if data proves beneficial. 12/31/2016 Designate a total of 20 Promise Zones. The 20 total Promise Zones will include the 5 designations made in January 2014, at least 8 designations made in the Second Round, and remaining designations in a third round. Hire community liaisons for newly designated Promise Zones. • Choice Neighborhoods 1/31/2015 Award FY14 Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grants. Achieved as of this publication. 3/31/2015 Develop new performance measurement and management system for Implementation grantees. Achieved as of this publication. 3/31/2015 Establish formal procedure for closing Choice Neighborhoods transactions that replace public housing with RAD units. Making significant progress as of this publication. 9/30/2015 Award FY14/15 Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants. 10/1/2015 Award new Technical Assistance contract or cooperative agreement. • Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) 3/31/2015 Open one-stop National Resource Network application for on-the-ground assistance to all eligible participants. Achieved as of this publication. 4/30/2015 Facilitate at least one public-private sector convening in each SC2 city in support of a local economic development priorities. Achieved as of this publication. 114 Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal Green and Healthy Homes

6/30/2015 Begin comprehensive evaluation of National Resource Network grant. 9/30/2015 All SC2 cities will have participated in peer networking activities facilitated through the National Resource Network. 11/31/2015 Briefs on local and federal best practices developed by National Resource Network and shared with relevant Federal partners. • The Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) 5/31/2015 Publish Deliverables from Sustainable Community Capacity Building Intermediaries. Making significant progress as of this publication. Select publications, tools, and other resources from four years of Capacity Building Intermediary grants will be posted online for public use, along with other Best Practices for Achieving Resilient, Sustainable Communities via the HUD Exchange website. • Community Needs Assessments (CNA) 4/1/2016 Each CNA Community creates an “Operational Action Plan” with key stakeholders designed to be implemented within two years of establishing the finalized Action Plan. 9/30/2016 Develop a CNA Best Practices Document. 10/1/2016 Select round II communities to partner for CNA. MEASURING OUR PROGRESS To track our progress towards this objective, HUD will track the following performance indicators. 119 • Promise Zones The performance indicators for this program are under development. • Choice Neighborhood 120 These metrics will be tracked only in the neighborhoods with Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants. 119 All of the performance indicators for this Strategic Objective are new and will first report at the close of FY 2015. Therefore, there is no data to report for prior years and no baseline to establish FY 2015-16 targets for a majority of the indicators. 120 All Choice Neighborhoods performance indicators will first report in FY 2015. Retrospective: FY 2014-2015 Agency Priority Goal Green and Healthy Homes 115

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