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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Management Objective:

Management Objective: Equal Employment Opportunity Promote a diverse and inclusive work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment by educating the workforce on the overall Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) process and their EEO responsibilities as managers and employees of HUD. OVERVIEW The Office of Departmental Equal Employment Opportunity (ODEEO) is responsible for ensuring the enforcement of federal laws relating to the elimination of all forms of discrimination in the Department’s employment practices and to ensure equal employment opportunity (EEO). ODEEO promotes diversity, fosters a workplace culture that respects differences, and empowers the full and fair participation of all employees in all aspects of HUD worklife. Additionally, ODEEO is responsible for leading the Department’s efforts to proactively prevent unlawful discrimination. ODEEO also seeks to foster an agency culture in which disputes are resolved at the lowest possible level and before a formal complaint is filed. ODEEO will continue to offer training to the HUD workforce on the EEO process and the responsibilities of the workforce regarding Equal Employment Opportunity, as well as serving as a resource to the program office leadership by providing direction, guidance, and monitoring of key activities to ensure the successful implementation of the principles of EEO throughout the Department. STRATEGIES • Maximize EEO training opportunities for all HUD employees. Make quarterly training programs, workshops, and online training courses on the EEO process available to the entire HUD workforce, and provide an overview of the EEO process to new employees during their orientation sessions. Incorporate mandatory EEO training for all employees, supervisors, managers, and executives on the fundamental competencies of effective leadership through our core values. • Establish HUD as a model EEO program. Work with the Unions to integrate EEO principles into all non-supervisory employees performance standard and establish an EEO performance standard for all supervisory employees to demonstrate commitment from agency leadership. Promote the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution throughout the Department. • Proactively track EEO data in order to identify and address EEO issues. Provide direction, guidance, and monitoring of key activities on a quarterly basis to ensure the successful implementation of the principles of EEO in the program areas. Conduct trend analysis to identify potential areas of concern throughout the Department and develop plans to address any identified concerns. 126 Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives

LEADING THIS OBJECTIVE John Benison Director Office of Equal Employment Opportunity MAJOR MILESTONES 12/31/14 New ODEEO Service Delivery Model implemented. Achieved as of this publication. 3/31/2015 Complete rollout of ODEEO Service Delivery Model. The new Service Delivery Model will include the implementation of an end to end paperless system for initiating a complaint through resolution. In addition, this model will focus on customer service and counseling rather than complaint processing. The new service delivery model was approved in October 2014. Implementation has begun and all changes are expected to be in place by December 30, 2015. MEASURING OUR PROGRESS To track our progress towards this objective, HUD will monitor the following performance indicators. Number of pre-complaint resolutions occurring through the Alternate Dispute Resolution process HUD will seek to increase the number of pre-complaint resolutions occurring through the Alternate Dispute Resolution process. FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY14 Actual No Data No Data 129 2 FY14 Target Establish Baseline FY15 Target FY16 Target 3 4 Number of complaint filings per fiscal year HUD will seek to reduce the number of complaint filings per fiscal year on the basis of reprisal resulting in a hostile working environment. FY12 Actual FY13 Actual FY14 Actual FY14 Target FY15 Target 67 88 79 79 67 56 FY16 Target 128 Implementation was slowed due to budgeting and contracting challenges. This has resulted in pushing the date back from March 31, 2015 to December 30, 2015 129 Data on mediations was not adequately captured in 2012 and 2013 due to challenges with the e-tracking system that have now been addressed. Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives 127

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