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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Management Objective:

Management Objective: Human Capital Employ, develop, and foster a collaborative, high-performing workforce that is capable of continuing to deliver HUD’s mission in a changing and uncertain future. OVERVIEW We will employ, develop, and foster a collaborative, values-driven, and capable workforce by focusing our efforts on: 1) promoting greater leadership effectiveness, 2) enhancing employee engagement, and 3) addressing performance results. The Department will face a number of challenges and changes in the years ahead, as we continue to address the housing recovery during a period of fiscal constraints. Changes in housing markets and communities around the nation are speeding up, just as natural disasters and the need for rebuilding communities across America is also increasing. Meanwhile, it is estimated that 57% of HUD’s workforce will be eligible to retire by 2015. To accomplish our mission in the years ahead, we must capture the wisdom and knowledge of our current and departing technical experts and leaders and transmit it to their successors. In that regard, we must value and utilize more effectively the contributions of all our employees as vital members of our workforce and help them fulfill their professional development and career needs. By improving leadership effectiveness, investing in employee engagement, and addressing performance challenges, we will build a more collaborative workforce, demonstrate our core values, and grow our capabilities. By fulfilling our roles as a trusted strategic partner, a human capital compliance expert, and a transactions facilitator for HUD’s employees, we can ensure that HUD’s workforce is ready to achieve its mission of creating sustainable, inclusive communities and quality, affordable homes for all. STRATEGIES • Establish succession planning culture. HUD is vulnerable to losing a wealth of institutional knowledge, based on the anticipated rate of retirements and attrition in key positions over the next few years. HUD faces challenges integrating a new generation of employees into the workforce, while maximizing the talents of our existing workforce. To address these challenges, the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) will partner with our customers to deliver consultative and comprehensive talent management programs and services that put the right people in the right place doing the right things to achieve HUD’s mission, including building succession planning tools, establishing succession plans, and identifying pools of potential successor candidates. • Improve employee engagement. OCHCO will continue promoting our core values and performance feedback at every level of the Department and equip HUD’s executives, managers and employees with the tools they need to improve leader effectiveness, engage employees, identify and address performance deficiencies, and build upon existing strengths in their programs. This will include establishing component level engagement plans aimed at improving painpoints identified by EVS results. 132 Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives

LEADING THIS OBJECTIVE Towanda Brooks Acting Chief Human Capital Officer Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer FY14 APG PROGRESS UPDATE HUD’s EVS Engagement index remains unchanged at 57% for FY14. The two major efforts in this objective are to establish a succession plan and an employee engagement strategy. In addition to establishing baselines for new metrics, we have begun piloting a succession planning tool to identify high-impact positions, projections of vacancy risks, and lists of potential successor candidates. The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer is also coordinating a Department-wide effort to establish engagement strategies for each office based on EVS scores and feedback from employees and managers. MAJOR MILESTONES 6/30/2014 Developed a pilot succession planning tool, for identifying: 1) high-impact positions and roles, aligning the positions and roles with departmental strategic goals and objectives; 2) the key competencies for each high-impact position or role; 3) the vacancy risk or likelihood departure of employees occupying high impact positions or roles; 4) a successor pool of employee candidates for each high impact position or role; and 5) the performance gap necessary to be addressed for preparing employee successor candidates to perform the future work required in each high impact position or role. Achieved as of this publication. 5/30/2015 Develop an Engagement Strategy to strengthen employee engagement and organizational performance. Collaborate within the Agency and across the Federal government to improve employee morale and increase mission success. This strategy will include: a comprehensive review of the HUD’s EVS data, gathering input from employees at all levels, using innovative tools to set targets and identify actions, implement agreed upon actions and review progress. 5/30/2015 Produce a summary report compiling the collection of information on departmental high impact positions and roles, the key technical and managerial competencies of high impact positions and roles, and bench strength readiness to inform the development of the Department’s succession plan. The Report will also include an evaluation of lessons learned from the pilot succession planning tool and incorporate best practices into the development of a departmental module for workforce and succession planning. 6/30/2015 Publish a departmental succession plan and guide aligned with HUD’s Strategic Plan, Human Capital Strategic Plan, and Strategic Workforce Plan, which includes guidelines for identifying high-impact positions, establishing potential successor pools in program offices, and engaging in professional development activities for potential successors. Achieving Operational Excellence Management Challenges and Objectives 133

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