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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Strategic Goal Strategic

Strategic Goal Strategic Objective Metric Meet the Need for Quality Affordable Rental Homes Ensure sustainable investments in affordable rental housing. Number of households experiencing “Worst Case Housing Needs” • Description: Long-term series of reports designed to measure the scale of critical housing problems facing very low-income, un-assisted renters • Data source: American Housing Survey • Unit of measurement: Number of specified households • Dimension: Count • Calculation method: Biennial survey • Frequency: Annual • Direction: Downwards • Data quality (limitations/advantages of the data): The AHS provides current information on a wide range of housing subjects, including size and composition of the nation’s housing inventory, vacancies, fuel usage, physical condition of housing units, characteristics of occupants, equipment breakdowns, home improvements, mortgages and other housing costs, persons eligible for and beneficiaries of assisted housing, home values, and characteristics of recent movers. In addition to these core indicators, the 2013 AHS includes topical supplements on public transportation, emergency and disaster preparedness, community involvement, neighborhood characteristics, and doubled-up households (movers entering and leaving unit). Topical supplements added in 2011 (health and safety hazards, modifications made to assist occupants with disabilities, and energy efficiency) were dropped, but may rotate back into the questionnaire in subsequent surveys. • Measurement Validation, verification, and improvement of measure: Current plans call for a complete AHS sample redesign beginning with the 2015 survey. As a result, data from the new sample will not be comparable with those from the previous sample. Sequence: 14 156 Section Three: Additional Information

Strategic Goal Metric Meet the Need for Quality Affordable Rental Homes Proportion of very-low income renters facing severe rent burdens • Description: • Data source: American Community Survey • Unit of measurement: Specified renters with rent burdens • Dimension: Ratio • Calculation method: Annual Surveys • Frequency: Annual • Direction: Downwards • Data quality (limitations/advantages of the data): All data that are based on samples, such as the ACS and the census long-form samples, include a range of uncertainty. Two broad types of error can occur: sampling error and non-sampling error. Non-sampling errors can result from mistakes in how the data are reported or coded, problems in the sampling frame or survey questionnaires, or problems related to nonresponse or interviewer bias. The Census Bureau tries to minimize non-sampling errors by using trained interviewers and by carefully reviewing the survey’s sampling methods, data processing techniques, and questionnaire design. • Measurement Validation, verification, and improvement of measure: See above. Sequence: 15 Section Three: Additional Information 157

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