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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Strategic Goal Meet the

Strategic Goal Meet the Need for Quality Affordable Rental Homes Metric Mainstream Vouchers • Description: Mainstream program vouchers enable families having a person with disabilities to lease affordable private housing of their choice. Mainstream program vouchers also assist persons with disabilities who often face difficulties in locating suitable and accessible housing on the private market. • Description: This indicator tracks the number of occupied rental units within PIH’s Housing Choice Vouchers program, including tenant based and Project Based Vouchers. These numbers represent a change from a baseline of 2.2 million units. This data is reported 70 days after the end of the quarter due to data validation processes. • Data source: HUD’s Voucher Management System • Unit of measurement: TBRA occupied rental units • Dimension: Count • Calculation method: The Public Housing occupied rental units count is selected from and based on the universe of Public Housing units that are identified as currently under ACC (Annual Contribution Contract) within IMS/PIC. Public Housing units are assigned with a unit category and status to note the nature of use within the program. The count of units within the following unit statuses are summed to produce the Public Housing occupied rental units count: • Frequency: Quarterly • Direction: Increase • Data quality (limitations/advantages of the data): The Voucher Management System captures information related to the leading and Housing Assistance Payment expenses for the Housing Choice Voucher program. The public housing agencies enter the information, which provides the latest available leading and expense data. The data, therefore, are subject to human (data-entry) error. The Department, however, has instituted “hard edits” for entries in the system. • Measurement Validation, verification, and improvement of measure: A “hard edit” is generated when a public housing agency enters data that are inconsistent with prior months’ data input. When a hard edit is generated, a financial analyst reviews the data and, if necessary, contacts the public housing agency to resolve differences. If the issue cannot be resolved successfully, the transaction is rejected and the public housing agency is required to re-enter the correct information. This process provides additional assurance that the reported data are accurate. The Housing Choice Voucher Program uses four other means to ensure the accuracy of the data: 1. HUD has developed a voucher utilization projection tool, which will enable the Department and public housing agencies to forecast voucher utilization and better manage the Voucher program. 2. The Housing Choice Voucher Financial Management Division performs data-validation checks of the Voucher Management System data after the monthly database has been submitted to HUD Headquarters for management reporting purposes. Data that appear to be inconsistent with prior months’ data are resolved with the public housing agency. Corrections are entered directly into the Voucher Management System to ensure that the data are accurate. 3. The Public and Indian Housing Quality Assurance Division, using onsite and remote Voucher Management System reviews, validates the data. The division staff reviews source documents on site at the public housing agency to determine if the leasing, Housing Assistance Program expenses, and Net Restricted Assets are consistent with data reported in the Voucher Management System. REAC 162 Section Three: Additional Information

Strategic Goal Metric PIH Moderate Rehabilitation Meet the Need for Quality Affordable Rental Homes • Description: The moderate rehabilitation program provides project-based rental assistance for low income families. The program was repealed in 1991 and no new projects are authorized for development. Assistance is limited to properties previously rehabilitated pursuant to a housing assistance payments (HAP) contract between an owner and a Public Housing Agency (PHA). • Data source: Each year, public housing agencies provide data to the Public and Indian Housing field offices, Section 5 ▪ Additional Information 63 including which Moderate Rehabilitation contracts will be renewed. The field offices calculate renewal rents • and forward all data to the Financial Management Center, which confirms the data and also calculates and requests total required renewal and replacement funding. After funding has been received, the Financial Management Center obligates and disburses funding for Moderate Rehabilitation Renewals or Replacement vouchers with Housing Choice Vouchers funds. • Unit of measurement: Specified rental occupied units • Dimension: Count • Calculation method: • Frequency: Quarterly • Direction: Increase • Data quality (limitations/advantages of the data): Timeliness and validity of data are dependent on multiple entities, including the Moderate Rehabilitation project owners, Public and Indian Housing field offices, and the Financial Management Center. It is primarily a detailed, time-consuming, manual process. • Measurement Validation, verification, and improvement of measure: The Financial Management Center reviews the data provided by the field offices and follows-up on incorrect or suspect data before submitting funding requests. A Financial Management Center division director or team leader must approve funding obligation and disbursement. The Office of Housing Voucher Programs is currently working to develop a more streamlined and automated process to validate and improve the validation. Sequence: 17e Section Three: Additional Information 163

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