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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Strategic Goal: Build

Strategic Goal: Build Strong, Resilient, and Inclusive Communities Denotes a measure associated with an Agency Priority Goal (APG) Strategic Objective: Fair Housing • Number of people receiving remedies through Fair Housing Act enforcement work • Average number of people receiving remedies through Fair Housing Act enforcement work per case • Number of cases with monetary relief exceeding $25,000 • Number of cases open more than 300 days at the end of the fiscal year Strategic Objective: Green and Healthy Homes • Number of HUD-assisted or -associated units completing energy efficient and healthy retrofits or new construction • Number of Properties Participating in Utility Data Benchmarking • Installed and Committed Megawatts toward Federal Renewable Energy Target • Number of Better Buildings Challenge Partners Strategic Objective: Disaster Resilience • Percent of Sandy Task Force recommendations related to disaster recovery and resilience that have been implemented • Percent of HUD Climate Change Adaptation Plan actions completed Strategic Objective: Community Development Choice Neighborhoods • Number of replacement housing units developed • Cumulative total leveraged dollars expended by grantees • Number of building permits filed in the neighborhoods • Percentage of assisted residents with wage income Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) • Amount of existing federal funds more effectively utilized due to Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) technical assistance and capacity building • Number of best practices adopted by SC2 cities • Number of new local partnerships formed as a result of an SC2 intervention Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) • Leveraged investments secured as a result of sustainable community planning • Number of plans adopted as a result of HUD investments in sustainable community planning • Number of regulatory reforms adopted as a result of HUD investments in sustainable community planning • Number of communities that developed or improved plans for economic resilience 26 Performance Indicators

Additional Community Development Indicators • Number of Community Need Assessment (CNA) action plans • Number of jobs created or retained by CDBG grantees Achieving Operational Excellence: Management Metrics Acquisitions • Percent requisitions released by the target requisition release date (by Program Office) • Percent of awards meeting target award date (by the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer) • Total number of days to contract award, by acquisition strategy Departmental Clearance • Percent of documents that complete the clearance process by the deadline Equal Employment Opportunity • Number of pre-complaint resolutions occurring through the Alternate Dispute Resolution process • Number of complaint filings per fiscal year Financial Management • No metrics, but has milestones Grants Management • Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) Timeliness Human Capital • HUD’s score on the Employee Viewpoint Survey Engagement Index • Percent of succession program positions filled from a pool of well qualified candidates • Human capital customer satisfaction scores Information Technology • Number of IT systems • Cost of IT systems (in millions) • IT customer service satisfaction scores Organizational Structure • Amount of money spent on space and travel (in millions) • Space Utilization (in sq. ft.) Performance Indicators 27

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