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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

Strategic Objective:

Strategic Objective: Credit Access Ensure access to sustainable housing financing and achieve a more balanced housing market, particularly in underserved communities. OVERVIEW As the economy recovers, creditworthy borrowers continue to have difficulty accessing affordable mortgage financing. Homeowners with seriously delinquent and underwater loans find it difficult to sell or refinance their homes. For homebuyers, tight underwriting standards (some FHA lenders impose additional requirements above those required by FHA) and high down payment requirements make it difficult to obtain a loan. These challenges have disproportionately affected first-time, minority, and low-to-moderate income homebuyers and homeowners. HUD will work to ensure that these underserved groups have the ability to get financing. STRATEGIES • Clarify underwriting standards in order to minimize uncertainty in market place. Increased clarity will encourage access to credit and inhibit risky lender activity. HUD will continue to improve current policies and communicate transparent performance and enforcement standards to the housing industry and other stakeholders. • Evaluate and align program policies with risk tolerance and mission to better ensure fulfilling HUD’s mission of providing quality affordable housing. This strategy will be achieved by balancing access/affordability, market factors and the Mutual Mortgage Insurance (MMI) fund in setting price and credit policy. • Ensure HUD’s Housing Counseling Program reaches as many households as possible, particularly in underserved areas, so that more households receive information regarding fair housing and fair lending. HUD will do this by making Housing Counseling grants available to housing counseling agencies as soon after appropriation as possible, and tracking new short- and long-term outcomes that more clearly document the benefits of housing counseling. • Finalize prospective quality assurance framework and retrospective lender quality assurance enforcement actions to reduce market uncertainty and improve access to credit. LEADING THIS OBJECTIVE Kathleen Zadareky Deputy Assistant Secretary for Single Family Housing Office of Housing Sarah Gerecke Deputy Assistant Secretary Office of Housing Counseling 34 Strategic Goal: Strengthen the Nation’s Housing Market to Bolster the Economy and Protect Consumers

FY14 APR PROGRESS UPDATE HUD narrowly missed the established target of 10-15% of mortgage originations that were made by the FHA. We continue to see a positive trend in the percent of loans endorsed with credit score below 680, and we plan to report on the metric percent of loans endorsed with credit score below 680 that evidence successful homeownership over the first five years by 2017. The Department missed its target for number clients served by the Housing Counseling Program by more than 10%. In conjunction with the Department of Justice, HUD has continued to pursue resolution of major mortgage cases left over from the financial crisis. MAJOR MILESTONES 10/1/2014 Utilized a revised form HUD-9902 for Housing Counseling performance reporting. The HUD-9902 form, as revised now allows HUD to collect information on access to various types of housing resources and assistance, including down payment assistance, financing through State Housing Finance Agencies, and rental assistance. Achieved as of this publication. 9/30/2015 4 Complete the majority of FHA enforcement actions for loans endorsed prior to December 2011 for which DOJ investigations were finalized on 4/30/2014; complete refers to either an agreement to settle or a decision that settlement is unlikely and court action is the only solution. While a portion of these FHA enforcement actions are complete as of this publication, many will continue past FY15 as HUD and DOJ seek resolution. 12/31/2015 5 Update and streamline Single Family Housing Policy and underwriting standards by transitioning from multiple handbooks to a single policy handbook. The new Handbook is being completed through a method of posting sub-sections for stakeholder feedback before publication. Sections planned for implementation in 2015 include: • Application through Endorsement for Title II forward mortgages (Complete as of 9/30/2014) • Servicing and Loss Mitigation for Title II forward mortgages • Doing Business with FHA • Claims and Disposition • Quality Control, Oversight and Compliance 4 This date was changed from 2014 due to majority of actions not completed by DOJ and HUD. 5 This milestone completion date was moved from 9/30/2015 due to IT funding challenges. Strategic Goal: Strengthen the Nation’s Housing Market to Bolster the Economy and Protect Consumers 35

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