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Annual Performance Plan 508

Annual Performance Plan 508

multifamily housing. We

multifamily housing. We will build capacity among public housing authorities and multifamily owners to admit homeless households into their units and provide them with vouchers. • Improve data and performance management through strategies to share data across systems, adoption of a common data standard for housing stability, and use of Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) by homeless programs funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). • Continue to strengthen collaborations at all levels of government and with the private sector, including within HUD and with the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), the VA, HHS, the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, and others. • Implement USICH Framework to End Youth Homelessness, including integrating HMIS and Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information systems (RHYMIS), leveraging HUD’s Point-in-Time count to improve strategies for counting youth experiencing homelessness. • Promote implementation of coordinated assessment systems for CoCs through training, technical assistance, and guidance by the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs to better target resources. LEADING THIS OBJECTIVE Jennifer Ho Senior Advisor on Housing and Services Office of the Secretary FY14 APR PROGRESS UPDATE Detailed update provided under FY14-15 APG Progress Update. Los Angeles Point-In-Time Count 66 Strategic Goal: Use Housing as a Platform for Improving Quality of Life

MAJOR MILESTONES 9/30/2014 Publish guidance for CoCs on how to improve the way they count youth for the 2015 PIT Count, based on YouthCount! Findings. Achieved as of this publication. • HUD published the Point-in-Time Count Methodology Guide, which provides standards that CoCs are required to follow to ensure the highest quality count possible. HUD included a section in this guide on best practices and issues to consider when counting homeless youth, in effect for the 2015 PIT count. 12/31/2014 Determine and communicate metrics to help HUD and the VA, and local communities, understand what it means to end Veteran homelessness. Achieved as of this publication. • HUD, VA, and USICH together decided upon criteria to assess communities’ claims of ending Veteran homelessness. The criterion was disseminated to mayors and is published online at: 1/31/2015 Execute the FY 2013 and FY 2014 CoC Program competitions by the end of 2014. Achieved as of this publication. • The final awards of the FY14 competition, included the bonus funding of new Permanent Supportive Housing programs, were announced in the second week of January 2015 and will be disbursed throughout the calendar year. End of 2015 End Veteran homelessness. This milestone will be measured by the 2016 Point-in-Time count. 1/31/2016 • With VA, encourage maximum participation among communities in the 2016 PIT count. End of 2017 End chronic homelessness. 5/31/2015 • Publish the Chronic Homelessness definition Final Rule. 9/30/2015 • Implement additional data elements to better identify chronically homeless persons in HMIS and update HUD’s application and reporting documentation to allow for improved data collection on individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and on PSH prioritization. 46 12/1/2015 • Projects awarded bonus funds in FY 2014 for PSH dedicated units to serve the chronically homeless will begin operation throughout 2015. 47 End of 2020 End youth homelessness. 11/1/2015 • Integrate Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and HHS’s Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information Systems (RHYMIS) to better track and engage youth in services. 1/1/2017 • Complete the LGBTQ Youth Homelessness Prevention Initiative in two pilot communities. Strategic Goal: Use Housing as a Platform for Improving Quality of Life 67

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