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CLAX SURE LINK RANGE Autumn SPECIALS Catalogue ...lighten the load Clax ® Sure Link OFF THE FLOOR laundry system that lightens the load off your staff and delivers the best experience for residents. Convenient, safe & efficient! 12

CLAX SURE LINK 100 22A1 PRODUCT CODE: 100835125 $116 2 x 5L LAUNDRY BOOSTER Contains a blend of surfactants & fluorescent whitening agents. Specially formulated for use with liquid alkalis to enhance the removal of oil & grease from white or coloured polyester-cotton garments, table linen, greasy shop towels & wipes, oil & grease stained linen supply work. CLAX SURE LINK HYPO 42A1 CLAX SURE LINK ALEGRO 1AL1 PRODUCT CODE: 100835126 $67 2 x 5L ALKALINE ADDITIVE For laundry use on heavily stained or rewashed classifications. Suitable for use in commercial healthcare and on-premise laundries. CLAX SURE LINK NEUTRAPUR 60A1 PRODUCT CODE: 100835127 HYPOCHLORITE BLEACH Low temperature hypochlorite bleach, specially suitable for white linen. $64 2 x 5L $74 2 x 5L PRODUCT CODE: 100835128 LAUNDRY SOUR Specially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries. This product should be applied in the last rinse to neutralize residual alkali. CLAX SURE LINK SOFT CONC 5DL1 PRODUCT CODE: 100835129 $85 2 x 5L CONCENTRATED FABRIC SOFTENING LIQUID specially formulated for use in commercial and on-premise laundries. The product is suitable for application on most types of fabric and can be manually or auto-dosed. CLAX SURE LINK SONRIL CONC 40B1 PRODUCT CODE: 100835130 LIQUID OXYGEN BLEACH Suitable for the de-staining of coloured and white fabrics. Ideal for whitening woollen garments. $116 2 x 5L 13

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