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RIPPLE-WRAP HOT CUPS - COFFEE ORIGINS Autumn SPECIALS Catalogue The Coffee Origins Cup Gallery features a random mix of three designs inspired by the cultures and traditions of Guatemala, Cuba and Mexico, with each cup featuring a fact about coffee. Five percent of sales will go toward charities in coffee-producing nations. They are available as Ripple-Wrap hot cups with a corrugated wrap that keeps hands cool and coffee hot, perfect for very hot drinks like tea and coffee. Made in an ISO:9001 and BRC accredited facility using 100% sustainably sourced board. $108 Ctn of 1000 $121 Ctn of 1000 $81 Ctn of 500 80Z: R604S0275 120Z: R368S0275 160Z: R292S0275 RIPPLE-WRAP HOT CUPS Detpak Ripple-Wrap hot cups feature a corrugated wrap that keeps hands cool and coffee hot. They’re perfect for very hot drinks like tea and coffee. Ripple-Wrap cups are made with 100% sustainably sourced board in an ISO:9001 and BRC accredited manufacturing facility. $108 Ctn of 1000 $121 Ctn of 1000 $81 Ctn of 500 80Z: R604S0015 (Brown) 80Z: R604S0029 (Black) 120Z: R368S0015 (Brown) 120Z: R368S0029 (Black) 160Z: R292S0015 (Brown) 160Z: R292S0029 (Black) 4

MOCCONA SMOOTH INSTANT COFFEE PRODUCT CODE: 34368 $117 Ctn 1,000 Moccona Smooth granulated instant coffee, a mild and rounded coffee, lightly roasted to create a subtle flavour for a wonderful, easy coffee experience. Made from 100% coffee beans and is a premium quality coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It comes in individual portions for your convenience. KEY FEATURES • Moccona coffee is made from premium freeze dried coffee granules. • It has a mild and delightfully well rounded taste. • The sachets would be ideal for use in hotels, conference venues and workplace break rooms. • The coffee contains natural antioxidants. • Stock up at once with this handy pack of 1,000. MOCCONA CLASSIC INSTANT COFFEE PRODUCT CODE: 34381 Moccona Classic Medium Roast Freeze Dried Coffee, is a full bodied, richly aromatic and just right for your everyday coffee moment. Sachets come in a handy pack of 1,000 so you can stock up at once. This handy pack is ideal for use in tea rooms, hotels, small businesses and more. Each serving is individually wrapped making it easy to use. KEY FEATURES • There are 1,000 sachets in this pack. • Each portion is individually wrapped for consistent cups of coffee. • They’re great for use in accommodation, conferences, tea rooms and more. $130 Ctn 1,000 5

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