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What? "Around the world" is our unique music workshop model. Kids's imagination together with their Music will be the protagonists. Through the use of the metaphore of a train, a boat or a van, children and kids will be travelling "Around the World" to everyone's country and to different cultures (mainly the musical one). During our journey we'll all be sharing our origins and discovering others, by playing different kinds of music, be telling new stories from the world and be enriching our fantasy, while having fun!

How? Each session will bring creativity and fun to the kids through music games and activities. Kids' and their stories will be the breeding ground of and for the whole workshop. Kids will be asked to look for incredible or weird stories from their countries, then to share them through story telling and music making with the group. KIDS WILL LEARN - to be part of a group - to use creativity and imagination to get to a final and common goal - to discover and share his/her origins through story telling and music

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