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How to add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail on Android?

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If you want ong>toong> shift a particular email ong>toong> a new categong>orong>y, follow these: Open the app on your Android. Open the email need ong>toong> be shifted. Give a tap on Move and select Move ong>toong>. If you cannot fong>inong>d the option of Move, tap mong>orong>e and select Move ong>toong>. Select a new categong>orong>y Contact ong>Gmailong> Technical Suppong>orong>t fong>orong> ong>inong>stant help Our team of well-traong>inong>ed technicians and engong>inong>eers will fix all your problems withong>inong> the shong>orong>test time possible. Just give us a call at ong>Gmailong> Suppong>orong>t Number Canada +1-844-888-3870 and connect with our experts. You can clear any doubt ong>orong> query related ong>toong> the steps provided above ong>orong> any other technical errong>orong> related ong>toong> your account. Our team is available 24*7 ong>toong> assist you usong>inong>g the latest technology.

Contact Us: We are third-party and self-govern ong>Gmailong> Technical Suppong>orong>t service provider with an expert team members fong>orong> 24*7 Hrs. Call fong>orong> Immediate Query Solution +1-844-888-3870 Or Visit: Content Source

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