5 months ago

F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way

Exhibition catalog for "F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way" created by the Northern California Women's Caucus for Art.


GALLERY CURATOR and EDITOR STATEMENT I love activist art, and in particular, I love women’s art. It has such a narrative quality that I gravitate towards. The stories, emotion and passion from the artists feed my soul. So, I was pleased and honored to be on the exhibition committee and asked to layout the main gallery and project gallery of the exhibition for F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way. Having created over thirty national exhibitions for women artists individually, with the Women’s Caucus for Art and Gutfreund Cornett Art—the “designing/layout” of the works is by far my favorite part. It’s magical, having all the work together from the group show and then placing it to tell “the story.” I’m always asked—how do I do it? Well, it is a lot of work, takes a good amount of time and one must have the eye for it. I move the works around and around in the room, placing the strongest works in key places to direct the flow around the exhibition space. Group shows can be challenging because the works can be so different and sometimes disparate. But they eventually tell me where they need to be and flow beautifully, telling a remarkable story. In addition to curating the gallery, I also was the editor for this exhibition catalog. To date I’ve created over 30 exhibition catalogs but this one was an extensive labor of love. Documenting and correctly acknowledging the work, the essays, the exhibition and the programming is so important. The exhibition was up for a month but this catalog will last forever, so to speak. In regards to activist, feminist art—with this turbulent time of political changes, women's rights, social, racial, gender and economic inequality, and reproductive choice/health care issues—how do we effect positive change through art? How do we listen, speak our minds, include, and act in collaboration or alone across generational differences, races, identities and cultures, to build our future, locally and globally? I think this exhibition spoke eloquently to these subjects. Art can be a powerful, productive force and instrumental in sparking change or critical thinking. As a feminist curator, I am committed to promoting women’s art and supporting local, national, and global art activism. Art can produce a visceral response and can provoke, inspire, or disturb, and opens your eyes to worlds other than your own. While the artist may not consider themselves to be a revolutionary, by bringing to light issues and concerns, art can effect change. We need art that help us to understand what is happening in our society, who we are, where we come from and where we’re going. Karen Gutfreund 10

VOLUNTEER and DONOR ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS NCWCA thanks the following individuals and organizations without whose help and support F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way would not have realized its full potential. Donors 9th Street Independent Film Center, 145 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA Homestead, 4029 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA Kay Kang Priscilla Otani SOMA Trader Joe’s, 555 9 th Street, San Francisco, CA Juror Prof. Shannon Rose Riley Volunteers Elizabeth Addison, MGP Andersen, Tanya Augsburg, Dio Chen, Gabriel Docto, Jorge Donate, Kathy Fujii- Oka, Karen Gutfreund, Josefin Jansson, Rebekah Johnson, Judy Johnson-Williams, Kuo-Chen Kacy Jung, Linda Kattwinkel, Jennifer L. King, Gayle Lorraine, Monica Maser, Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Julie Mevi, Patricia A. Montgomery, Priscilla Otani, Bryon Roche, Sawyer Rose, Lena Shey, Judy Shintani, Mary Shisler, Kamaljit Singh, Colette Gunter Standish, Yuriko Takata, Jeffrey Thatcher, Victoria Veedell, Leisel Whitlock, Sandra Yagi, Tanya Wilkinson and Michael Yochum. Consultant Sally Douglas Arce, Media Relations Gallery Staff Tory Antoni Tamiko Sidori Zachariah Greer Hauptman Technicians Jon Bastian, projectionist, 9 th Street Independent Film Center Mido Lee, videographer & video editor Tsering Norbu, videographer 11