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F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way

Exhibition catalog for "F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way" created by the Northern California Women's Caucus for Art.


F*CK U! EXHIBITION COLLECTIVE Leisel Whitlock, Exhibitions Chair Tanya Augsburg, Featured Artist Curator & Programming Chair Sawyer Rose, PR Chair Priscilla Otani, Arc Gallery Managing Partner Karen Gutfreund, Artist Liaison, Gallery Curator & Catalog Editor Mido Lee, Tech Specialist & Documentarian Judy Johnson-Williams, Gallery Logistics Sandra Yagi, Treasurer Patricia Montgomery, Event Logistics Elizabeth Addison, Event Logistics Lena Shey, Volunteer Logistics F*CK U! VOLUNTEERS & STAFF F*ck U! Installation December 13 - 15, 2016 Volunteers: MGP Andersen, Tanya Augsburg, Karen Gutfreund, Josefin Jansson, Judy Johnson- Williams, Gayle Lorraine, Priscilla Otani, Lena Shey, Judy Shintani, Colette Standish, Victoria Veedell, Leisel Whitlock, Michael Yochum Opening Reception December 17, 2016 Volunteers: Elizabeth Addison, MGP Andersen, Tanya Augsburg, Gabriel Docto, Jorge Donate, Kathy Fujii-Oka, Josefin Jansson, Rebekah Johnson, Linda Kattwinkel, Jennifer L. King, Julie Mevi, Patricia Montgomery, Priscilla Otani, Sawyer Rose, Mary Shisler, Jeffrey Thatcher, Leisel Whitlock, Michael Yochum Videographer: Tsering Norbu, Sandra Yagi San Francisco State Lecture by Emma Sulkowicz and Violet Overn December 19, 2016 Speakers: Emma Sulkowicz and Violet Overn Organizer: Tanya Augsburg Photographers: Priscilla Otani, Kamaljit Singh Videographer: Tanya Augsburg Docent Tour of Exhibition January 13, 2017 1:00 - 3:00 PM Docent: Tanya Augsburg 12

Photographer: Priscilla Otani Gallery Assistant: Tory Antoni Womanhouse Reunion January 13, 2017, 6-9:00 PM Womanhouse Artists: Faith Wilding and Karen LeCocq Womanhouse Documentary Videographer: Johanna Demetrakas Volunteers: Tanya Augsburg, Elizabeth Addison, Patricia A. Montgomery, Priscilla Otani, Mary Shisler, Yuriko Takata, Leisel Whitlock, Michael Yochum Photographer: Mido Lee Videographers: Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Mido Lee An Afternoon of Performance Saturday, January 14, 2017, 1:30-3:00 PM Performers: Tanya Augsburg, Faith Wilding and Viêt Lê Volunteers: Tanya Augsburg, Josefin Jansson, Monica Maser, Priscilla Otani. Photographer: Kuo-Chen Kacy Jung, Bryon Roche Videographers: Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Mido Lee F*ck U! Video Screening January 14, 2017, 7-10:00 PM Volunteers: Tanya Augsburg, Priscilla Otani Photographer: Mido Lee Videographers: Dio Chen, Sandra Yagi Gallery Assistant: Zachariah Greer Hauptman De-installation January 22 -25, 2017 Volunteers: Karen Gutfreund, Judy Johnson-Williams, Priscilla Otani, Tanya Wilkinson, Michael Yochum Gallery Assistants: Tory Antoni, Tamiko Sidore Donors Kay Kang Priscilla Otani 9 th Street Independent Film Center Homestead Trader Joe’s 13