9 months ago

F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way

Exhibition catalog for "F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way" created by the Northern California Women's Caucus for Art.


Mannichiwa, America! I am MANKO (pussy) artist Rokudenashiko (Megumi Igarashi) Rokudenashi means “useless” or “good-for-nothing” in Japanese. Japanese mangaka make silly pen names for themselves all the time, and I am no different. I came up with this dumb penname without much to it when I started my career in “reality manga.” Manko Art, as it happens, was also just a silly thing I did for the publicity, but I was NOT prepared for the reaction from Japanese men. “It’s dirty!” “It’s gross!” “I bet it stinks.” they spewed at me. Others would leer at me: “Show me more!” “You perverted little girl!” “Let me fuck you.” There is something wrong when what amounts to an organ in every cisgender female, is treated with such overdetermined derision or obsession. Come to think, even the utterance of “manko” was a taboo, and absolutely forbidden since I was a child, and I’ve found myself respecting the archaic convention against saying it, even despite myself. Since I’ve started my work in Manko Art, I’ve been fighting back against the old men who complain about it. I’ve decided to keep making even more ridiculous work, with all seriousness. Though this was kind of a joke at first, now, I am joking with every ounce of my body and soul. My ideas have infuriated a bunch of small-minded men, but the number of people who think it’s fun, silly, happy and hilarious has also grown. Still, I have been arrested twice by the police in Japan. They’ve claimed my work is an “obscenity that stimulates reckless sexual impulse” and therefore a crime. The claim has caught the attention of the world and I’ve been asked numerous times by foreign media if artists in Japan can seriously be prosecuted for something like this. This is what I always tell them: “Yes, Japan does actually arrest people for this, as I was actually taken away on Christmas Eve 2014 (December 24). But it is definitely messed up. My Manko is definitely not obscene. I firmly object to these claim as I do not believe I have done anything wrong, and I will defy the claim in my own frivolous way.” Per my word, I am currently fighting these claims in court. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. But no matter how many times I am arrested, I will never forget the smiling faces, I won’t back down. Manko is not an unusual or special thing, and it is actually an obvious part of life and that is precisely why we should care about it. And I swear…the Mankos the police have confiscated and refuse to give back to me will one day return to my rightful possession, and I will continue to make fun of those very same police with along the way. I encourage you to look out for me during this trial process. I frequently update my status on my blog ( as well as my Twitter (@6d745), where I appreciate all your attention. 65 September 2015 Rokudenashiko (Megumi Igarashi)