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F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way

Exhibition catalog for "F*CK U! In The Most Loving Way" created by the Northern California Women's Caucus for Art.

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EXHIBITIONS CHAIR STATEMENT Like many projects, the idea for this exhibition was conceived in the process of planting seeds elsewhere. While doing research for a personal project, I became intrigued with Womanhouse, a 1972 exhibition organized by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro and featuring the works of students in the Fresno State College's Feminist Art Program. The project was notable for being the first feminist art installation and was a groundbreaking exhibition in so many aspects. It gave young female artists the opportunity to talk about hidden or overlooked experiences and greater recognition for the feminist art movement. I was inspired to both further explore the topics addressed in Womanhouse and expand the voices that were heard there. My experience has been that the recognized voices of feminism have been those of white women, and this was reflected in the makeup of the artists of Womanhouse. What has not been traditionally amplified are the voices and unique experiences of women who are Black, Brown, Trans, Poor, Asian, and women who had lives beyond traditionally defined domesticity. Though I could broadly relate to many of the themes of Womanhouse, many subjects were left to be explored, and I knew that by opening the seats at the table, we would have more to discover. After giving the exhibition further thought, I considered what could be next and who would be involved in a contemporary conversation. I also wanted to ensure that voices that were absent from the 1972 dialogue would be heard today. So in 2016, I suggested to the NCWCA board members that we continue and expand upon the Womanhouse themes. They agreed. During our initial meeting to discuss the focus of the exhibition, we quickly settled on the title Fuck You! In the Most Loving Way. Understandably, the title of the show met with different responses ranging from rousing approval to disgust, and at times confusion, especially about the use of "In the most loving way." I leave everyone to have their individual interpretations, but I will say that love is at the heart of every struggle for justice and freedom. Without love, no progress is possible. Love pushes back against patriarchy. Love is the promise that follows the “Fuck You.” “In the most loving way” is the warning of the challenge to come. This exhibition would not have happened without the contributions of the F*ck U! committee members. A special note of recognition to Priscilla Otani and Tanya Augsburg, who worked on nearly every aspect of this project for almost nine months. Also, to Karen Gutfreund for producing this fine publication and leading the exhibition installation. Finally, to my partner, Russell C. Petersen, who provided both input and support. I am ever grateful for the dedication and vision of all of these remarkable women (and man). Thank you. Leisel Whitlock 7