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Twelve Mile Coulee and other major Calgary Riparian Maps prepared by O2 2012


R I P A R I A N A R E A S M A P P R O J E C T CITY WIDE MAP - MAP BLOCK CODE WestNoseCreek01 NoseCreek01 WestNoseCreek02 NoseCreek02 WestNoseCreek03 WestNoseCreek04 NoseCreek03 12Mile01 WestNoseCreek05 NoseCreek04 12Mile02 NoseCreek05 Bow01 Bow02 Bow03 Coach01 Bow04 ConfedCreek02 NoseCreek06 ConfedCreek01 Bow05 NoseCreek07 Bow06 Bow07 Bow08 Elbow07 Bow09 Elbow01 Elbow06 Bow10 ForestLawn01 Elbow02 Elbow05 ForestLawn02 Elbow03 Elbow04 Bow11 Glenmore01 Glenmore02 ForestLawn03 Bow12 Bow13 Bow14 RTCreek01 RTCreek03 Bow15 RTCreek02 RTCreek04 Bow16 Bow17 PineCreek01 PineCreek03 PineCreek02 PineCreek04 Bow18 Bow19 Bow20 Bow21 Legend Map Block Code ID City of Calgary Boundary Water Surface 0 0.5 1 2 3 4 5 Kilometres

RIPAR IAN AREAS MA P PR OJECT RIPARIAN AREA - LOCATION AND FUNCTION COACH CREEK 01 V A L L E Y R I D G E TRANS CANADA HI W C R E S T M O N T Coach Creek Riparian Zone* Inner Riparian Zone Middle Riparian Zone Outer Riparian Zone Potential Outermost Riparian Zone *Variable Width Riparian Model Outputs Riparian Health** Healthy Healthy, but with Problems Unhealthy **Based on field studies of sampled riparian polygons only Bank Health*** Good Moderate Poor ***Based on field studies of major rivers / creeks, excluding private residential riverfront lots or steep valley slopes with limited riparian habitat City Boundary Major Roads Rail Streams Fish Creek Provincial Park 0 50 100 200 300 400 Metres

2012 Riparian Areas Mapping Project O2 Confderation Creek Outfalls