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THE POWER OF SEVEN We work as a team to get your home SOLD… Moving your home sale from contract to closing requires at minimum 180 individual tasks. That’s a lot of details that no single agent can effectively manage. Our team of professionals works collaboratively across seven separate positions, each giving 100% attention to their area of expertise—for the same price as an individual agent. Together, we handle the entire process, so you can relax, knowing no detail is overlooked. With a proven track record, the right skill set, and years of experience, our team has the right tools to successfully SELL your home. It’s EASY to see the power of SEVEN is greater than one. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 24 24

WHO’S ON YOUR TEAM? 3. VISUAL SPECIALIST High quality video, photos and 3-D virtual tours are produced by our team specialist to highlight your home’s best features and attract the 92% of home buyers who search online. Your online listing will really pop. 4. MARKETING COORDINATOR Our marketing coordinator makes sure your property is seen not only in our local area, but by potential buyers across the country and around the world. 5. TELEMARKETERS Our team of telemarketers supports your listing agents by making thousands of calls every day, to find the perfect buyer for your home. No single agent can accomplish this level of outreach. 1. TEAM LEADER Every listing gets the benefit of Kip Boatcher, whose primary job is to make the marketing, promotional and pricing decisions that will sell your property for the most amount of money. 6. THE BUYER TEAM Our licensed agents spend 2–3 hour every day searching for and calling potential buyers for each home our team has for sale. They also show buyers through our properties—including yours. 2. LISTING PARTNERS At least two listing agents on every property ensures 24/7 coverage and allows agents to do what they do best. The listing agent guides the sales process and finds potential buyers for your property, backed by our amazing support team. 7. CONTRACT COORDINATOR Getting an offer on your property is only half of our job. Once we have the offer, our contract coordinator assists the primary agent by ensuring that every detail—major or minor—is handled at the property time. their expertise=no stress for you. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 25