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HOME EVALUATION Prior to bringing your home to the open market, our team will spend countless hours analyzing all of vital data that will contribute to designing our strategic plan for success. Our goal is to ultimately know your property better than you do. This will allow us to craft scripts that effectively showcases your home to every buyer and agent in a meaningful and impactful way. DUE-DILIGENCE Once we have finalized the terms of our listing agreement, our team will quickly gather and analyze all of the relevant legal aspects associated with your property—county profile and tax records, special assessments, past listing details, zoning, permitting authorities, local schools, rankings, mortgage history, builder, architectural floor plans, major employment options, area demographics, major medical facilities, top rated restaurants, major shopping and services. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES OUR 360 DEGREE HOME DOSSIER One of the most important steps in the marketing and sales process is to familiarize ourselves with every aspect of your home. In order to be the experts, we catalog and memorize all the aesthetic finish materials, appliances, custom amenities, technology features, mechanical systems, etc. This ensures that we can effectively highlight all of your home’s intrinsic features in our marketing initiatives, and most importantly, when we showcase your home to qualified buyers, Realtors and influencers. 46

Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. —Jeff Bezos “ BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 47