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TAILORED FOR SUCCESS… Like any sophisticated brand, it’s all about first impressions. And today’s qualified real estate buyers expect their future home to look and feel like it could be on television or showcased in a luxury magazine. This is why it is so important that we make every effort to make your home as showcase-ready as possible. Our results have proven that investing a little bit of time and money on key details in the beginning, will pay big dividends in helping us sell your home for the highest price in the end. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES KIP TO REPLACE TESTIMONIAL WITH ONE SPECIFIC TO CONCIERGE SERVICE... Driven, sharp, creative, energetic...Carylee and her team embodies all of these traits. After conducting six transactions with her team, we’ve noticed she consistently raises the bar by implementing new ideas and learning new tactics in order to meet our objectives. Carylee never hesitates to tackle a tough problem or extend a helping hand. She’s incredibly dedicated to her clients and she continues to be a true pleasure to work with We would strongly recommend her! —Brian and Erica Gist, 4S Ranch 52

WHITE GLOVE CONCIERGE One of the most challenging times for a seller is effectively transitioning their home from the “every day” living environment to being “showcase” ready, all while managing their already overbooked schedules. We understand you have a busy life and shoulder many responsibilities. That is why we have developed our stress-free, White Glove Concierge service. We streamline every aspect of the process once you have approved the budget, whether it’s coordinating home repairs, landscape rejuvenation, painting, professional staging, decluttering/organization, or everything else in between, our team manages it all. THE VALUE OF HOME STAGING AND ORGANIZATION Depending upon your situation, interior design, staging, and organization might be a key component in preparing your home for sale. As a benefit of our concierge services, we bring in industry leaders with a proven track record to make your home look and feel its best on a reasonable budget. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 53