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SIGNATURE SERVICES… As your ambassadors, every member on our team understands at a high level that communication and personal interactions are one of the most important keys to our success. This is why we have designed processes and services that create memorable experiences for everyone we interact with. Whether we are showcasing your home, talking on the phone, providing detailed updates, or just communicating digitally, our goal is to always deliver a positive impression. OUR SHOWCASE GUARANTEE Selling your home is serious business. This is why we are committed to personally meeting every buyer and agent that we showcase your home to. As the experts, there is no one better than us at influencing the experience, answering questions and selling the unique lifestyle and value your home offers. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES THE LANGUAGE OF SALES We feel very passionately about the fact that your home should be marketed and sold like a luxury brand. This is why we develop and use detailed scripts and phraseology to highlight the key elements and intrinsic value propositions for your home with clients, agents and throughout our marketing initiatives. 56

Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. —Steve Jobs “ BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 57