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“ Try not to become a

“ Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value. —Albert Einstein BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 60

EXPOSURE IS EVERYTHING… At Boatcher+Associates, we are passionate about marketing, to the point where some have said we are obsessive. Guided by decades of proven expertise, we give our clients a distinct advantage over any Realtor in the luxury marketing arena. PRINT AND DIGITAL MEDIA By leveraging our own in-house creative and graphic design team, we effectively deliver unique and high-impact assets that drive traffic and make your home stand out among the competition. From showcase brochures, direct mailers to a multitude of targeted online and social media ads, we quickly deliver all of the assets before bringing your home onto the open market. SOCIAL MEDIA By leveraging today’s most active platforms, we use social media to connect your home to a global community of real estate buyers with highly targeted paid ads. With a multitude of exclusive partnerships we are able to promote your home to millions of qualified buyers with just a touch of a button, while tracking the results in real time to ensure tangible results. CONTENT MARKETING Integrated into our various websites and blogs, we have several powerful e-communication platforms that enable us to design beautiful email, newsletter and blog updates for our vast database of 6,000+ clients, influencers and affiliates. These systems allow us to track all interactions, giving us insight into specific clients that may have a genuine interest in your home. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 61