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OUTBOUND PROSPECTING Selling your home is a business about connecting with buyers, influencers and Realtors. This is why we employ highly sophisticated and targeted outbound prospecting campaigns for all of our listings. On average, our team makes hundreds of calls every day to our database, targeted prospects and active Realtors to drive awareness and build a pipeline of qualified buyers. DEDICATED PROPERTY WEBSITES Our 3D virtual showcase websites are the ideal blend of function and beauty. Our sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience. SHOWCASE EVENTS We feel that there is no better way to showcase the lifestyle of your home than by entertaining prospective buyers and influencers in it. So, along with your consent, we design intimate luxury parties and open houses and aggressively market them to qualified buyers, Realtors and influencers in our market. BRIVITY LEAD GENERATION Our lifestyle-focused, responsive website is a sophisticated and powerful digital marketing and lead generation tool. It supports multiple languages and the associated currencies in order to address the needs of international and multicultural buyers. Through extensive proprietary analytics, all digital marketing activity for our properties is tracked through every channel to provide critical insight. We can track leads, property views, and brochure downloads, as well as view followers by location, language, and marketing channel. This gives us real-time visibility and feedback on what is working and what is not. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 63