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WE’LL SELL IT FASTER AND FOR MORE MONEY 44% ONLINE WHERE DID BUYERS FIND THE ACTUAL HOME THEY PURCHASED? STEP 1: We arm ourselves with National Association of Realtors data that tells us exactly where buyers found the home they purchased. The top three ways are online, with agents and through yard signs. 33% REAL ESTATE AGENT BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES STEP 2: We target our marketing strategy and resources to match where buyers are finding homes right now. When more buyers see your propertyy, we can sell it faster. 9% Yard sign/open house sign 6% Friend, relative, 5% Builder or builder’s agent 2% Know the seller 1% Print advertising 66

INNOVATIVE INTERNET MARKETING Other agents may utilize these channels, but our superior execution makes all the difference. With our sales level and team approach, we have the resources to advertise more, post more often, and perform the extra steps that ensure your listing comes up fast. You won’t find a team with a more agressive marketing strategy, and with our track record, it’s clear, our system works to your advantage. TO REACH THE 92% OF BUYERS WHO SEARCH ONLINE, WE MARKET EVERY PROPERTY IN FIVE PLACES BROKER WEBSITES We gain thousands more views by posting on,,,,, Coldwell-, and more. SEARCH PORTALS Zillow, Trulia,—we know how to get your property showcased ahead of the competition on these popular sites. Buyers won’t click through page after page of similar properties, so why not choose the team that can get yours featured more often? CLASSIFIED SERVICES Craigslist, Oodle, Backpage, Kijiji—Most agents overlook them, but we know international buyers and high-priced sales come through here every day. Other agents post a listing once, our committment is to post every 48 hours until your home is sold. SEARCH ENGINES Google, Bing, Yahoo—Nobody knows search enginens better! We invest in pay-per-click advertising, so our websites come up when buyers search for properties like yours. Plus, we optimize to appeal to search engines, so we show up nationally in the results. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest—We market your property through the mot popular social networks, through paid posts, our own audiences and every 48 hour through Brivity. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 67