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WE DON’T RELY ON THE INTERNET ALONE THE FIVE WAYS WE MARKET YOUR PROPERTY TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS ELECTRONIC FLIERS Dispatched to agents all around the region, nationally and in some cases, internationally. PAPER FLIERS Delivered to top-producing agents in the area. The 20% of the agents who sell 80% of the properties in your area will have your listings. VIRTUAL TOURS Uploaded to the MLS database so all agents can see your property. REALTOR OFFICE MEETINGS We’ll personally pitch your listing and tell agents why they should see your home. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES COMMUNICATION We guarantee a follow-up call eah time an agent shows your home. We gather valuable feedback on what their buyer liked, whether they’ll be making an offer and if not, why not? NO TEAM IS MORE EFFECTIVE AT MARKETING YOUR PROPERTY TO REAL ESTATE AGENTS! 68

CONTRACT TO CLOSE TIMELINE DAY 0—Offer Accepted Buyer and seller enter into a legally binding agreemtn. DAY 1—Escrow Opened Eearnest money is deposited. Contrat is delivered to escrow compny and buyer’s lender. Title commitment is ordered. DAYS 1–10 (or as negotiated)—Due Diligence and Inspections The seller is required to disclose all material facts relating to the property. Buyer conducts all pertinent inspections, and reviews all inforamtion. Any requrested repairs are negotiated. DAYS 10–25—Loan Processing Buyer’s loan is processed, appraisal is ordered and reviewed. All loan conditions are met. Any negotiated repairs mst be completed. Three days prior to closing, loan ducuments are to be at the title company and signed. DAYS 25–45—Closing Process Buyer and seller sign all closing documents and byer delivers closing funds to escrow company. Final loan documents are reiewed by lender and wires money to escrow compay (funding). Deed is sent to County for recording. BOATCHER + ASSOCIATES 69