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Page March 7 - 13, 2018 How to Submit Letters to the Editor Marc Maravalli, B.S., R.Ph. Publisher/Editor, The Town Common Letters to the Editor provide a useful way of communicating concerns, issues, or suggestions to all members of the community. The Town Common encourages all citizens to submit letters concerning issues of interest and concern to the local community. Letters selected for publication may be edited for length and clarity. Some letters may serve as a catalyst for other articles or coverage, and community leaders and agencies will be offered an opportunity to respond to letters concerning their areas of responsibility. All letters must be signed and include a daytime telephone number. Letters may be submitted to: The Editor c/o The Town Common 77 Wethersfield St. Rowley, MA 01969 or preferably via e-mail to: The Town Common deadline is 5pm Wednesday (except when a federal holiday necessitates an earlier deadline). The Town Common serves the communities of the Upper North Shore of Mass. & Coastal New Hampshire and welcomes your participation. Send your Organization or Group Notices, Birth or Engagement Announcements, Photos, Articles and Letters to the Editor, by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail to: 77 Wethersfield St., Rowley, MA 01969 Phone: 978-948-8696 Fax: 978-948-2564 E-mail: The Town Common Marc Maravalli, Publisher / Editor Graphic Design Services Advertising Opportunities Event and Announcement Submissions 77 Wethersfield Street Rowley, MA 01969-1713 Phone: (978) 948-8696 Fax: (978) 948-2564 The Town Common is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions, but reprint opportunities do exist for prompt notification of such errors. Advertisers should notify The Town Common of any errors in ads on the first day of issuance. No credits &/or refunds are offered or implied. All material and content cannot be duplicated without written consent of the publisher. The right is reserved to reject, omit, or edit any copy offered for publication. Copyright 2004-2017 The Town Common © - All Rights Reserved In loving memory of Liz Ichizawa, Reporter (1956 - 2005) Rowley Spending “Other People’s Money” TOWN OF ROWLEY PLANNING BOARD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Pursuant to M.G.L., Ch. 40A, §5, and Section 7.6 of the Rowley Protective Zoning Bylaw, the Rowley Planning Board will hold a public hearing for a Site Plan Review application that pertains to the installation of additional parking area at the North Shore Montessori School which is located at 121 Wethersfield Street, Rowley, MA. The public hearing will be held on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 8:00 pm in the Town Hall Annex Building, Meeting Room #5, located at 39 Central Street, Rowley, MA. The applicant/property owner, the Margaret Ruth Foundation, LLC is proposing to add additional area for parking to accommodate an increase in the number of students/teachers attending the school. The subject parcel consists of 1.75 acres and is further identified as Assessor’s Map 17, Lot 45. The property is located in the Outlying (OD) Zoning District The text of the application proposal and supplemental materials, maps and/or exhibits are available to be inspected at the Planning Board office at the aforementioned address during regular business hours. Any person(s) interested or wishing to be heard on the Zoning Bylaw amendment proposals should appear at the public hearing at the time and place designated. Chris Thornton, Chairman Letters To The Editor Community Announcements Community Connections Petitioning citizens who are seeking to exercise of citizens’ right of petition under the constitution of the United Business States and of the commonwealth Spotlight (M.G.L. c. 231, § 59H) for Facebook organization “ROWLEY CITIZENS FOR GOVERNMENTAL TRANSPARANCY” For were provided the town’s records over the last years on several issues Sale Real Estate • as well as comments from the public. Some can be verified For through the Sale public records request laws on your inquires to the Massachusetts Attorney Generals, Secretary of State, Massachusetts ethics commission, Sports Bar of overseers, • Sports Inspector General, • Sports Massachusetts Case Against Discrimination(MCAD), FBI, District Attorney’s office to name a few. This group sought to investigate the exorbitant expenditures created under selectmen leadership in another effort to petition them Pets, for financial Animals, responsibility. You see, Plus the selectmen’s main duty to the CITIZENS of Rowley is to identify fraud. Upon their bill approval, the treasurer is the last line of defense Health to abate fraud. & Fitness Rowley citizens have pieced together “records requests” dating back to 2014 of shocking spending practices that demonstrated the town’s lack of financial responsibility. To name a few, recent spending follies for the prospect hill road project and the air conditioning project for the treatment plant. Both opposed by water commissioners recalled in 2016. The prospect hill project experienced a road washout related to a controversial tank overflow that happened between 4 am and 9 am in the morning. The project’s cost, cresting over $400,000, was put into for an insurance claim and was not covered. Why?? Investigation is ongoing by “We the People” founder Stephen B. Comley, Sr. concerning possible insurance fraud. The treatment plant air conditioning project, previously considered an option for the new plant and declined in 2011, was pushed forward at $460,000? The previous water board was considering a $16,000 fix with portable units to handle the 10 days per year moisture problem. If investigated by concerned spending agents, a policy could have been created to keep the doors closed during hot humid days. “ROWLEY CITIZENS FOR GOVERNMENTAL TRANSPARANCY” will be seeking the engineering costs. I hope it’s’ not a surprise! Other notable exorbitant expenditures: Parking lot project was approved by water board for $9500 in 2013. Project completed in November 2017. It was over $100,000. In 2012, two door locks had to be changed at the water department’s superintendent office, Seacoast Lock & Safe charged over $1700. In 2015, an ancillary water department door had a strike misalignment. Seacoast Lock & Safe charged over $500. In 2015, the water hydrants in town require annual flushing. The water department hired Pike Construction up in Salisbury to do it for over $28,000 despite the fact that the department had the manpower in Weston & Sampson to do it. This contract, if any, was done without water board approval. The real questions are to find out why we have to pay the highest rates for water in Massachusetts and why the selectmen, treasurer and current water boards aren’t on the lookout for fraud or foolish spending. Tim Toomey Don't miss what's important to YOU! Sign up for your weekly e-mail service at "Zombie Prom" at Triton Triton High School presents the musical “Zombie Prom”, a hilarious girl-loves-ghoul rock and roll Off Broadway musical. The story is set in the atomic 1950s at Enrico Fermi High, ruled by the tyrannical principal, Delila Strict. Pretty senior Toffee has fallen for Jonny Warner, a mysterious orphan rebel who dares to spell his name without the customary “H”. Toffee’s parents force her to break up with Jonny, and in a fit of despair, he throws himself into the local nuclear reactor tower. Toffee’s love brings him back from the dead as a teenage nuclear zombie, determined to graduate and take Toffee to the prom. Principal Strict bans him from the school, but tabloid reporter Eddie Flagrante, comes to Jonny’s rescue and exposes his story to the nation. This terrifyingly hilarious tale of teenage atomic angst is chock full of original songs in the style of 50s hits that keeps the action rocking across the stage. Performances are March 8, 9, and 10 at 7:00 p.m., and March 11 at 2:00 p.m. General admission is $10. Students and senior citizens are $5. Tickets are available at the door or on-line. TOWN OF ROWLEY PLANNING BOARD NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Pursuant to M.G.L., Ch. 40A, §5, the Rowley Planning Board will hold three (3) public hearings pertaining to various articles to amend the Rowley Protective Zoning Bylaw (“Zoning Bylaw”) which are intended to be considered at the upcoming Spring 2018 Special Town Meeting. The public hearings will be held during a duly noticed public meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, 2018 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex Building, Meeting Room #5, located at 39 Central Street, Rowley, MA. Each public hearing described below will be held at the following times: 8:15 p.m. – Article to amend the Zoning Bylaw Section 2.0 definition of “Registered Marijuana Dispensary” (RMD) to remove text specifically designating RMDs as being “not-for-profit” entities. 8:20 p.m. - Article with proposed modifications to Zoning Bylaw Sections 2.0 (Definitions), Section 4.0 (Use Regulations), to permit retail establishments that sale marijuana, marijuana products, and/or marijuana accessories, for recreational use, solely within the Retail (RE) Zoning District, with Special Permit and Site Plan Review approval by the Planning Board, provided that such establishments or uses shall not be located within three hundred (300) feet of a day care facility, elementary or secondary school, or church or religious assembly. 8:30 p.m. – Article to amend the Zoning Bylaw Sections 4.4 and 4.5 (Use Regulations for Outlying and Coastal Conservation Zoning Districts, respectively) to permit Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Installations in the Outlying and Coastal Conservation Zoning Districts with Special Permit approval by the Planning Board, and to add a new Zoning Bylaw Section 8.9 pertaining to Special Requirements for Large Scale Solar Photovoltaic Installations. The text of the proposed bylaw modifications and any supplemental materials, maps and/or exhibits are available to be inspected at the Planning Board office at the aforementioned address during regular business hours. Any person(s) interested or wishing to be heard on the Zoning Bylaw amendment proposals should appear at the public hearing at the time and place designated. Chris Thornton, Chairman

March 7 - 13, 2018 Page 3 Continued from page 1 Works in Amesbury, said, “The Small Business Revolution was absolutely a win for Amesbury. Win or lose it brought a lot of people together in a positive way to embrace an upbeat future for business and life in Amesbury.” Doreen Brothers, director of the Council on Aging, who set up computers at the Senior Center for her regulars to vote for Amesbury, said, “It brought some extra energy and brought many people closer together. Something fun to do during the challenging winter months!” Michael Gorman, owner and president of the new Atlantic Sports Center said the contest reminded people why they love Amesbury and it introduced Amesbury to those around the country and the world who didn’t know it. After weeks of voting on line, Amesbury residents filled a big section of the high school auditorium to hear Deluxe Corp. chief brand and communications officer Amanda Brinkman tell the audience that Alton, IL was the winner. They came wearing red hats, bandanas, scarves and t-shirts that said #MyAmesbury. Two Continued from page 1 year, at Madison Square Garden, where he has sold more than 1 million tickets for 105 shows. Eramo, who teaches lessons at the Guitar Center in Danvers, has seen Joel play many times, but never met him. “It would be pretty cool if he showed up (at one of Cold Spring Harbor’s concerts).” He got the bug for playing Joel songs when he was in the eighth grade and performing with an acoustic guitarist at the Sad Café in Plaistow, NH. They played a Billy Joel song and got a great reaction from the crowd. He said he has been playing his music ever since. The Firehouse booked Cold Spring Harbor for the Institution Kudos to Kassandra, Amesbury women found their Amesbury High School class sweaters. Students brought red and white shakers and pompoms. It had the atmosphere of a high school pep rally. The mayor called it “a great crowd.” So what do you do with all the passion and energy the competition nurtured in this city? Gove anticipated the question. After learning that the city’s efforts had fallen short, she stood before the disappointed crowd to announce that the campaign to promote small businesses will continue. “Deluxe started a small business movement. It is up to us to continue it,” she said. She proposed that the city launch its own campaign to help the city and all businesses with marketing, skill development and beautification. A campaign committee is already being formed to raise the $500,000 over the next five years that would have come from Deluxe. “There have been so many people who have stepped up and said, ‘I have skills and I have a Firehouse Stages Tribute to Billy Joel for Savings Mainstage because its concerts last year were so popular. “Cold Spring Harbor was one of the first concerts that I was part of when I began my time at the Firehouse.” John Moynihan, Firehouse executive director said. “The sheer musicality of this group of teenagers is aweinspiring. Ben and the band continue to improve and I can’t wait to hear some of the new Elton John tunes they’ve added in.” The other band members are Joshua Heselton, drummer; Jake Smith, guitarist; Devon Hurt, bassist; Edward Lynch, percussionist; Matthew Kelly, keyboards; Daemian Allen, saxophonist and Andrew talent to offer,’” Gove said. Contributions are already pouring in. She is applying for several grants. There may be a social media, crowd-sourcing campaign. And she is asking her state legislators to help find some additional monies to promote the city’s economy. CI Works Friery said, “CI Works will certainly continue to add exciting new businesses and jobs to the Amesbury community in support of this.” “There is so much opportunity here in Amesbury and we have all seen it now,” Gove said. “So, we are making that commitment and there will be a lot of energy for us to continue to move forward with this over the next few years. And I know we will hit that goal of $500,000 within the five years and sooner than that. I am sure of it.” Gove left the podium to a standing ovation. As for competing again next year, Gove asked Brinkman, who said no finalist had ever tried twice to win the $500,000. But if you put that questions to any who helped in the competition this year, expect them to say, ‘Never count out Amesbury.’ Pesaturo, lead guitar. Eramo was born in Newburyport, lived in Beverly for much of his childhood, where he started playing the piano at age four. All of the band members, except for Kelly who comes from Philadelphia, PA are from the North Shore. “I remember when Billy Joel and Elton John toured together and what an amazing experience that was. To be able to pay homage to these two musical greats in our intimate theater and to support local talent is something that we truly look forward to,” Moynihan said. “It simply can’t be beat.” Tickets can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 978-462-7336. The Town Come Common in for a visit and compare! Sea View Retreat -Since 1954 (978)-948-2552 •Private & Semi-Private Rooms The Region’s Largest Independent Community Newspape with Baths and Beautiful Views • Medicare/ Medicaid certified • Social Services-Speech, Physical, Occupational, & Massage Therapies • Full Activity Program • and much more... An extended Care Community 978-948-8696 • • advertise@thetowncommon. MANSION DRIVE • ROWLEY, MA • JUST OFF ROUTE 1A Robin Davies, D.M.D. The Town 3 Kent Way, Byfield, MA Comm Conveniently off I-95 at Exit 55 978-255-1891 New patients James and the Giant Peach at IMS Sunday, March 11th from 2 - 4 PM The Town Comm Continued from page 1 Trinity Episcopal Church rolling away--and the adventure 124 River begins! 2 col. Road, x 2” Topsfield Ipswich Middle School Join us for delicious chocolate in many forms: chocolate $28 cookies per and week cakes, a chocolate The Town Common Courtesy Photo James and his band of insect friends catch sight of New York City. (Back row: Harry Hildebrant, Seamus Gallagher, Tucker Murphy, Jack Parr, Emily Fisher, Front: Casey Williams, Azza Lestage, Abi Dixon) presents James and the Giant Peach on March 9 and 10 at 7 and March 11 at 2:30 at the Dolan Performing Arts Center, 134 High Street, Ipswich. Tickets: $10 Adult, $8 Student/ Senior available at the door, or in advance at every month always welcome Chocolate Fest fountain, candies and fudge and much more. Chocolate Posted tasting menu the $10 for adults, $3 for Seniors 1st and week children of 12 & under Call 978-887-5570 for more information Marc Maravalli, Cutting Publisher/Editor Edge Knowledge e-mail: Experience a personal consultation with our talented staff in a warm and friendly environment 50 Water St., Mill 1 The Tannery Newburyport, MA 978-465-1815 Voted Greater Newburyport’s Best Hair Salon! Greg Der Bogosian New Clients Welcome is your Advertising Consultant 77 Wethersfield St. Rowley, MA 01969

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