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March 2018 FRC Member Newsletter

March 2018 FRC Member

NEWS March 2018 Originally I started writing this note thinking about the upcoming show season, then as I went to put a round bale out in a tractor that was sliding sideways in the mud and had the top layer of the round bale slide onto the tractor causing me to drop the entire round bale my thought process changed to horse people in the winter. Horse people are a different breed; we are willing to fill water troughs after fighting with frozen hoses and layers of ice in 20 degree weather, to slog through a foot of mud to put out hay, and to make sure our horses have blankets, warm mash, and a fluffy bed of shavings only to be thanked with more to clean, frozen fingers and faces, and the occasional nudge from a wet, feedcovered nose. Our significant others question our sanity, and honestly we do too, but all the struggles seem worth it when we get a nuzzle from our horse or a sweet nicker to greet us when we come in the barn or finally get the chance to get that perfect ride. As spring approaches, the mud will dry and go away, the feeling in our faces will come back, our arenas and trails will dry, and we will have a whole new reason to do what we love. Bri Ambrosic Secretary and Awards Chair