9 months ago

March 2018 FRC Member Newsletter

The tests they are a

The tests they are a changin’… You may have noticed that we have added some new classes and divisions to the FRC prize list this year. Some of these changes were put in motion by changes made at the USEA level, and some were voted on by the FRC board at the annual retreat. The club-driven changes were made with member convenience in mind, helping to add more diversity to the show bill and allowing giving competitors a chance to move up levels with less stress. For the 2018 show season, we have added a division to the Combined Tests- the Grasshopper Division! The course will be set with 18” cross rails and the dressage test will be the 2015 Introductory Test A. The Starter Division has been revised slightly to include jumps that will be between 2’ and 2’3” and the Dressage phase will be the 2015 USDF Introductory Test C. The Any and All Lead Line Class and the In-Hand Class are new for 2018 and will allow for young horses and riders to take part in FRC shows and learn the ropes in a laid back and encouraging environment. The USEA Eventing Dressage tests that many of us have come to know and love, have been recently revised and the new 2018 versions were just released at the end of last year. The tests were updated in late 2017 and went into effect on December 1, 2017. Other tests that are changing or have already changed for 2018 are the release of the Western Dressage Level Four tests, and modifications to the FEI Sr/Jr/Young Horse, FEI Eventing, USEF/FEI PSG and Para Dressage tests. These changes took place on January 1, 2018. The USDF Freestyle, Quadrille/Pas de Deux rules were changed slightly on 1/1/18 due to a USEF rule change. In late 2018, we will be forced to move out of our comfort zone again, when USDF is expected to make revisions to their 2015 dressage tests, which would include the Introductory Level Tests through Fourth Level. The 2015 USDF tests are currently effective between December 1, 2014 and November 30, 2018, so they will change to some degree at the end of the year. We will keep members updated as the news is released about when the USDF tests will actually change or be revised. Don’t forget- always make sure that you are practicing the correct version of the tests you have entered to ride! For more information on the revised FRC Prize List, please visit our website at