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Spacex Falcon 9 Block 5 targets 24 hour turnaround, no refurbishment reuse and relaunch a dozen times _ NextBigFuture

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propulsion system for the big Mars system, but we are looking at the utility of it on the Falcon program,” she said. ABOUT THE AUTHOR brian wang More From This Author Tags: space, spacex Latest threads Fully reusable Spacex Rockets would be lower cost than Skylon spaceplanes | ( 101 comments Make sure your comment is heard! Sort by newest All Comments Community Help Subscribe 5G and Internet of Things are ramping up and Intel is ready to make them work efficiently | ( and-internet-of-things-are-ramping-up-and- Enrique Moreno 1 day(s) ago ( targets-24-hour-turnaround-no-refurbishment-reuse-and-relaunch- I read the source and it is very strange. They sayd that the block 5 will have only one merlin engine instead of 9 (would be that Mueller was talking about the second stage?), they said also that the mars rocket is the falcon heavy... 0 ▲ 0 ▼ Reply Actions a-dozen- times.html#sot_aab19f73ee47e256bf3b8e8efdc818bdb541b495) Steven in reply to Enrique Moreno f I read the source and it is ve... more » 20 hour(s) ago ( 9-block-5-targets-24-hour-turnaround-no-refurbishment- reuse-and-relaunch-a-dozen-

4a3ccd) The first stage still has 9 engines and the second still has one. The only difference is the engines have been improved and uprated for a bit more thrust. The heavy version has 27 first stage engines (9 on each booster and 9 on the cor stage). Then in the table for the falcon 9 they list 13.5 engines. I think the the aditional 4.5 is referring to the additionally thrust the engines produce. The table also list 2 second stage engines but everything I have heard is one with a larger more efficient vacuum nozzle. 0 ▲ 0 ▼ Reply Actions Alwin Barni in reply to Enrique Moreno f I read the source and it is ve... more » 21 hour(s) ago reuse-and-relaunch-a-dozentimes.html#sot_0c4465a7170d432844a902c027dfb09c97 ( 9-block-5-targets-24-hour-turnaround-no-refurbishment- 06cdbc) Exactly. This 'one Merlin engine' makes me question the quality of this article entirely (and unfortunately others as well). It does not seem possible to have enough thrust with one engine, and as for the second stage - it does have only one. If it was Raptor, then maybe, but still it would be entirely different rocket. Seriously Mr Wang, what are you talking about? 0 ▲ 0 ▼ Reply Actions Kerry Chivers in reply to Enrique Moreno f I read the source and it is ve... more » 1 day(s) ago reuse-and-relaunch-a-dozen- times.html#sot_fdd26f00256815b00680807c622a2a56c8 ( 9-block-5-targets-24-hour-turnaround-no-refurbishment- 41759f) Same here - quite confusing. If it has one engine then it can't be a Falcon 9 as the number denotes the number of engines. Except that Falcon Heavy won't be called Falcon 27, for rather obvious reasons. 0 ▲ 0 ▼ Reply Actions reuse-and-relaunch-a-dozen- times.html#sot_e8d2089517d12111f4ece670352db54988 vl hc 1 day(s) ago ( targets-24-hour-turnaround-no-refurbishment-reuse-and-relaunch- a-dozen- times.html#sot_a46853bfdef31b18eea41833b075b195aa2fe420) The great thing about not going public is you don't have to release your finances, gives fans a lot more room to fantasize about profit. Just imagine how much more "profit" Tesla would be making, at least according to fans, if they can also keep financial data a secret.