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Grow with Us -- Jacksonville Country Day School

Take a quick look at how Jacksonville Country Day School can help your child meet his or her full potential.

JCDS provides a

JCDS provides a NURTURING environment At Jacksonville Country Day School, children feel safe and emotionally secure as they learn. Children learn in a diverse community where they interact and respect those from other cultures. These values make them better prepared for the schools and workplaces of a globalized society. Our highly effective faculty and staff guide children to think, care, inquire, and discover.

LITERACY is the root of learning At JCDS, literacy training begins in our Pre-K 3 program. By the end of 1st grade, students are writing imaginative sentences and paragraphs. Older students write complex essays and original stories, inspired by their teachers and their own inventiveness. JCDS teachers provide students with various opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of a subject. Using technological “power tools,” they may produce a video, a collage, a podcast, or a slide show along with a live oral presentation. Students are encouraged to collaborate with peers, which promotes teamwork and responsibility.

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