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Grow with Us -- Jacksonville Country Day School

Take a quick look at how Jacksonville Country Day School can help your child meet his or her full potential.

every student is

every student is CHALLENGED Rooted in tradition but focused on the future, JCDS provides a strong academic foundation that prepares students for success in their academic careers and beyond. Our teachers are dedicated to guiding students toward reaching their full potential. Many of our teachers hold advanced degrees and all receive continual professional development to sharpen their skills. Instructional methods are brain-friendly and research-based to focus on students’ cognitive and socialemotional development.

JCDS educates the WHOLE CHILD Every child learns best in his or her own way. Teachers at JCDS construct their lessons to address each student’s individual learning style. Differentiated learning sets JCDS apart because our instruction is not one-size-fits-all. Research shows how vital the fine arts are to a wellrounded education. JCDS students attend both art and music classes on a regular basis throughout the school year. Our fine arts specialists are accomplished and gifted artists in their own rights and collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate the arts into their core subjects. The body is as important as the mind. Our students receive daily physical education classes where athletic skills are honed and good sportsmanship is encouraged. JCDS promotes healthy living through our tasty and nutritious lunch program. Protein, fresh fruits, and green vegetables are offered daily and students are encouraged to keep wellhydrated throughout the day.

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