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BGB Company Proposal sample

Heritage & Track Record

Heritage & Track Record A Rich & High Quality History. BGB have been operational for 40 years, established in 1976. We have an extremely good track record which makes our customer’s confident in using us. It is no secret that our major market segment has been in the renewable sector. We have been operational in the wind turbine market for over 20 years now. We were one of the first to ever design, manufacture and test a slip ring package for wind turbines in Denmark which was the origination of the market place. Now we can claim to have products on over 65,000 wind turbines globally, spread across 76 countries on six continents. Beyond that BGB also have a very strong heritage in industrial, medical, aerospace, waste & marine sectors. Our quality speaks for itself, providing some of the most reliable, durable and premium products on the market. 8

R&D & Testing Pushing Technological Boundaries. Both R&D & testing are playing significant roles as we continue to push the sphere of what is possible within our product ranges and market segments. Whether it be to reduce your LCoE of your wind park or save yourself drilling a hole in your new superyacht, we are researching, developing and testing some cutting edge product offerings. Everything we do is to improve the lives of our customers either through reduction of maintenance, cost down or providing a solution to a previously unviable problem. We have dedicated facilities for all of this activity, housed close to our UK manufacturing facility. These highly trained SME’s are able to accommodate all kinds of customer requirements. Having such capability and expertise is helping not only BGB to stay at the forefront of our market segments but also allowing our customers to remain number one. 9

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