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V27 Software Guide Pulpmatic Ultima Eco Uno Incomatic V1.7

Mid-cycle dosing

Mid-cycle dosing duration - seconds (reserved for future use) This function provides a short burst of chemical throughout the disposal cycle. This facility is not designed to be used the standard EcoCleanse+. This parameter is reserved for future development of the product. Please do not use this feature, rapid consumption of the Ecocleanse+ will occur if this feature is switched on. This parameter is the duration of each intermittent chemical injection mid cycle. Mid-cycle dosing frequency - seconds (reserved for future use) This parameter determines how often the mid cycle chemical pump will activate. Selecting 10 will provide a dosing time Mid cycle dosing on time of every 10 seconds throughout the cycle. Currently this feature is switched off through setting Mid cycle dosing on time. Water valve cut off - minutes A safety feature only permits the water valves to be open for a limited period of time, the default is 15 minutes, this can be extended in the software. This feature limits the volume of water delivered to the machine, in the event of a flood situation this feature will limit the volume of water. 1.The timer is reset when the footcup is activated. Please note the footcup must be activated to operate the water valve, using the lid open switch on the PCB will not open the water valve. 2. The timer is reset if the float switch is activated in the full position. 3. The timer is reset when the machine performs an automatic drain flush. Default setting: 15 minutes Minimum setting: 10 minutes Maximum setting: 30 minutes Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 20 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

Caution Number of water stops mid cycle This feature provides a series of stop start patterns for the water pump. This parameter along with others in the Caution category can be used to turn the Ultima or Eco into a super lean & efficient machine; using less water and reducing the cycle time. Caution These parameters must be adjusted together as a set and only with the guidance of DDC Dolphin Technical Team in Poole. The super efficient cycle can only be used in situations where the load is guaranteed to be light every cycle. Default setting: 0 seconds Minimum setting: 0 seconds Maximum setting: 9 seconds Caution Duration of water stop - seconds This control the duration of each water pump stop. Used in conjunction with the above parameter this forms part of interlinked parameters. Please read cautionary notes above. Default setting: 0 seconds Minimum setting: 0 seconds Maximum setting: 5 seconds Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 21 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

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