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V27 Software Guide Pulpmatic Ultima Eco Uno Incomatic V1.7

13. Review machine

13. Review machine performance The “Monitor” program can also be used to view various operational status information for vital components on the machine. This can be useful when performing fault diagnostics. (Fig 6) 34 The “Machine Type” menu shows: • Machine type • Current version of software • Current cycle count since last cycle count reset (see parameter A0) • Overall cycle count total for the life of the PCB. This counter cannot be reset. • DIP setting indicates which PCB switches are active or off. (Fig 7) 34 The “State” menu shows: • The current status of the machine • Lid is open or closed • Fault codes that may be activated. Please note the “process” id will always state unknown and can be ignored Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 28 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

The “Input” menu shows the sensors which are labelled I01 – I09 and show the current status of each sensor. These are simple Yes/No or On/Off sensors. (Fig 8) 34 Input State 1 State 2 Description I01 Pressed Not pressed Footswitch I03 Yes No IMO – Motor drive fault output I04 Yes No Lid closed - magnetic switch front of lid I05 On Off Negative pressure sensor (vacuum in chamber) I06 Off On Positive pressure sensor (blocked drain) I07 Yes No Float switch in water tank I08 Yes No Lid open - micro switch rear of lid I09 I10 Lid motor Lid Screw Unassigned at this time Unassigned at this time A digital representation of current through the lid motor. Normal operating range is 0 – 2200 Unassigned at this time Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 29 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

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