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V27 Software Guide Pulpmatic Ultima Eco Uno Incomatic V1.7

• Locate Dip switch 3

• Locate Dip switch 3 and move it UP, note the position of the resistor Dip Switch 3 Dip Switch 3 • Remove the program resistor (The resistor may be a different colours dependant on model of the machine) Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 38 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

• Refit the PCB housing lid • Refit the front panel • Turn the machine ON at the isolation switch When you have finished using the machine for exhibition purposes it is essential to: • Remove the device holding the float switch in the “UP” position • Refit the Identity Resistor into the PCB loom • Ensure all the DIP switches are returned to the fully functional mode Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 39 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

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