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V27 Software Guide Pulpmatic Ultima Eco Uno Incomatic V1.7

Revision Notes Suitable

Revision Notes Suitable for Bug fix for foot cup start feature A2 V23 V24 Ultima basic cycle time can be reduced to 100 seconds (AE = 0), this becomes an Eco cycle NOT suitable for Optima 2 bedpan washer (use V25 or higher) Corrections & enhancements to A2 start options This software is only used on the Ultima built with an Uno PCB Corrections & enhancements to A2 start options Ultima, Uno, Pulp+ & Eco Ultima built with Uno PCB ONLY Canada & Japan V25.1 Bug fix for Optima 2 water pump over run Bug fix for Optima 2, Midi & Mini dual F1 sensor Safety feature update – Macerator breather valve limited to 2 minutes maximum open time outside of cycle. Corrections & enhancements to A2 start options Note-this software will display as V125 on the computer interface (Hex files do not use decimals) All production machines with automatic lid Safety feature added to shut down the water valve at the end of the cycle (A9). This prevent a machine going into flood mode. If the water valve timeout, the timer will reset when the footcup is operated or the machine starts the 24hr drain flush. The water valve does not open until the footcup is activated All production machines with automatic lid V27 23/02/18 Included in this release are a number of parameters designed to reduce the cycle time down to produce a super lean machine, these include Water pump pulsing Flexible spin stop events Adjustable final rinse A new parameter permits a flexible lid lock period at the end of the cycle, this function provides a delay to the lid opening immediately at the end of the last cycle. Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 6 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

5. Parameter guide for software version 11 V11 Code Description Standard Minimum Maximum A0 Maintenance count 50 01 99 A1 Hands-free IR proximity sensitivity 80 00 99 A2 Machine start options (See table below) 02 00 42 A3 Blockage retries 01 00 06 A4 Dose 10 00 30 A2 Machine start options Code Description Default Option Option Option Option A2 Machine configuration 2 0 (No added features) 1 (Foot Start Cycle) 2 ( Auto Lid Close) 3 (Both 1 & 2) Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 7 of 47 February 18 SGPv27 – V1.7

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