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Bron Afon Impact Report - September 2016-17


Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 The Complaints Forum: 7 staff and members jointly reviewing our performance on complaints and working together to make improvements to services. They have made 14 recommendations that are being implemented across the business with a focus on improving customer experience. The Scrutiny Team: The Scrutiny Team is well established and now has how we communicate with tenants about repair responsibilities. They have made 20 recommendations which are now being implemented. 6 members. This year they have focused on in this area spanning the work of several teams, The Tenant Services Forum: The Tenant Services Forum is a group of 9 ages who have to date: members of all Shaped the content of the Members’ Academy Established their own set of measures which they are using to monitor Bron Afon’s performance and challenge where they feel they need to Been scrutinising our new or revised tenant facing policies, strategies and service changes to ensure that members are involved right from the start. Been monitoring and reviewing our Community Involvement performance since the launch of new strategy Page 14

Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 Next Steps During we aim to Launch our new Members’ Academy Review our involvement groups to focus on the areas of our new corporate plan, to make sure that members and tenants hold us to account 1 2 3 Develop a better way to record and report on trends from customer feedback in every day conversations Develop a consistent approach for collating all feedback in each service area and an effective way of demonstrating change and impact that results Develop a plan to further embed Mutuality within the organisation in line with the launch of our new Corporate Plan and Values. This includes looking at the role that our Board and senior management team have to play in this. 4 5 6 Further strengthen the role of the wider membership in ‘holding Bron Afon to account’ Review our online options to increase involvement through social media, website and customer portal 7 Page 15

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