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Bron Afon Impact Report - September 2016-17


Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 Tenants, residents, members and communities empowered and up skilled to participate effectively and confidently We offer support and training to individuals and groups to help them take part in a range of activities. We have tried out different training opportunities this year and we’ll be doing more of this during 2018. 98% of members that have received support, training or development opportunities have reported an increase in confidence and ability to contribute effectively. One member told us: I'm 45 years old and have suffered with mental health issues all my life. Over the course of my life I have distanced myself from people and shut myself away from the world. Late in 2016 after another long hospital stay I found myself homeless and was eventually re-homed in a Bron Afon property in March this year. I was informed when I got the keys for the property that there are many ways I could be involved with Bron Afon. I reached out and filled in an online form through the Tenants Portal, shortly after I had an interview and joined the Tenants Services Forum. I now have a social outlet taking part in this forum and have found myself in a room full of people many times which I never thought I would be able to ever do again. I now feel that I'm part of helping Bron Afon to shape their future and help all fellow tenants now and in the future. Here’s some of the training we’ve delivered this year: First aid and food hygiene for groups delivering community projects. Environmental Health for our key members. Effective communication for local projects. Event management and risk assessing for local committees and groups. Introduction to Housing for our formal groups. 98% of learners have told us that they have gained new skills or knowledge as a result of development opportunities provided. 100% of learners were satisfied with the learning experience. In 2018 our Members’ Academy will include a wide range of learning opportunities for all members to access free of charge. All the courses have been developed and selected by our members themselves. Page 6

Impact report September 2016 to September 2017 Communities feeling supported and empowered to make change We have seen great commitment from a lot of local people who have contributed to a range of decisions, improvements and projects! 53 community groups and schools have been supported to deliver local change in their communities. We have supported local groups to access a total of £32,739 worth of grants. Satisfaction surveys completed by those involved in community groups we have supported show very positive results: 99% are satisfied with the support they receive from Bron Afon. 100% said that the group’s ability to make changes that are important in their communities has improved. 100% said that their personal sense of wellbeing and achievement has improved. 100% said they felt the quality of life in their community had improved. 96% said that their perception of Bron Afon had improved. One participant from St Dials Action group stated: Our Involvement Officer is amazing at helping out the group. Helping us with applications, funding courses and what we can do to help our community be a safer place. We have now recruited 74 Community Environmental Champions who help us with improving their local environment by reporting issues and taking part in activities and projects. Page 7

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