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Software Guide V27 - Panamatic Mini, Midi, Optima 2 v1.6

Maximum cycle time

Maximum cycle time (minutes) Parameter for controlling the time in minutes of the steam disinfection time out. If the heater takes longer than the set time within this parameter to reach the disinfection temperature, the cycle is aborted and a fault code is displayed Default setting: 10 minutes Minimum setting: 02 minutes Maximum setting: 15 minutes Thermal disinfection time (seconds) Thermal disinfection is defined by holding the chamber at a given minimum temperature for a given period of time. In the UK the minimum temperature is 80 Degrees Centigrade which has to be held for a period of 60 seconds. Regional thermal disinfection standards may vary around the world; adjustments made to this parameter define what temperature the chamber must achieve before the one minute cycle will start. Default setting is 75 seconds which provides a safety margin ensuring that the 60 seconds is met. Default setting: 75 seconds Minimum setting: 10 seconds Maximum setting: 120 seconds Blockage retries Parameter used to control the amount of times the machine will attempt to clear a blockage: Default setting: 1 attempt Minimum setting: 1 attempt Maximum setting: 10 attempts Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 16 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

Rinse time At the end of the thermal disinfection cycle the chamber and bedpans are sprayed with cold water to reduce the internal temperature. This parameter permits adjustment to the final rinse time. Default setting is 10 seconds. Default setting: 15 Seconds - Mini Default setting: 15 Seconds - Midi Default setting: 10 Seconds – Optima 2 Minimum setting: 10 seconds Maximum setting: 60 seconds Dosing pump run time (seconds) Parameter used to control chemical dosing pump. Default setting is 40 seconds. The chemical is injected into the on board water tank. Concentration of the chemical in the tank can be increased using this parameter. Default setting: 40 seconds Minimum setting: 10 seconds Maximum setting: 60 seconds Water “fill” timeout (minutes) The initial cold-wash time in seconds. Default setting 30 seconds. Extending this time may produce better results from the wash but should only be considered were the water pressure is sufficient to refill the water tank in line with the flow rate of the pump. If adjusting this parameter test and ensure that the water pump does not run dry. Default setting: 10 seconds Minimum setting: 2 seconds Maximum setting: 30 seconds Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 17 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

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