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Software Guide V27 - Panamatic Mini, Midi, Optima 2 v1.6


Optima 2 hot wash time (seconds) On the Optima 2 only after the initial cold rinse has taken place, an additional hot wash will run prior to the main disinfection cycle. This parameter controls the length of time in seconds that the hot wash will run. Default setting is 20 seconds. Default setting: 20 seconds Minimum setting: 5 seconds Maximum setting: 45 seconds Water valve cut off - minutes A safety feature only permits the water valves to be open for a limited period of time, the default is 15 minutes, this can be extended in the software. This feature limits the volume of water delivered to the machine, in the event of a flood situation this feature will limit the volume of water. The timer is reset when the footcup is activated. The timer is reset if the float switch is activated in the full position The timer is reset when the machine performs an automatic drain flush Default setting: 15 seconds Minimum setting: 10 seconds Maximum setting: 30 seconds Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 18 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

10. Amending the parameter settings - Mini, Midi & Optima 2 SW2 SW1 SW4 SW3 • Move DIP Switch 1 "ON" (Up) • A0 will appear in the display • Press button SW2 – A1 will appear in the display • Press SW1 to view the current START sensor sensitivity setting • Press SW3 to increase the sensitivity of the Dip Switch 1 • Press SW4 to decrease the sensitivity of the START sensor • The maximum setting is 99, the optimum setting is 80 - 85 • Adjust the PCB settings and test the START sensor sensitivity • When calibration is complete move DIP switch 1 “OFF” (down position) Copyright © 2017 DDC Dolphin Ltd. Page 19 of 41 Feb 18 SGPana – V27 1.6

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